Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Partial Closure Due To Planned Engineering Works

... This is part of our ongoing commitment to improvement - we apologise for the delay and recommend taking another blog to your destination.

Not much to post today on the old weblog: exam season is upon us and I have no time to pursue pursuits until all is done and dusted, so my posts may be sporadic over the next month.

Please do check back from mid-June, as following that, I have lots in the pipeline: I am thinking of expanding my writing again. At the moment I blog and very occasionally write for poetry journals; I'm considering submitting more fiction and non-fiction to niche magazines and getting back into poetry in a more sustained way. Should I get back into actual readings (shock horror) I might even record some for the blog, we'll see how badly they turn out...

I do, for once, have a definite idea of some of the goodies I'll be blogging well in advance. Well I never! They are:
  • Brighton shopping-fest. What better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding than by purchasing tat from Snooper's Paradise and Peas Pottage Giant Boot Sale? What... it's a seaside resort you say? A centre of culture and wild parties, you claim? Pshaw, just tell me where Oxfam is and no one gets a hissy-fit aimed their way.
  • Nunc Est Bibendum 'Summer Edition'. It's going to involve His Lordship making cocktails in a field. Or a park. (Note to self: check drinking is permitted in said park...)
Scarper! Parkie's spotted us!
  • Chap Olympiad. We've got our tickets! His Lordship will be dressed tastefully and smoking a pipe; I shall be gotten up like a 50s barmaid and, in all probability, freaking out about the wasps round my Pimms. Do say hello if you see us.
  • Vintage By Hemingway. Yup we've got our tickets for this too. Saturday, to be precise. By 'eck they were expensive: 'it so best be good' says she in her charming North London dialect.
  • Ealing Jazz Festival. If you've never experienced the Ealing Summer Festival, and live anywhere near to tube, check out their website now! As very-very-cheap festivals go (think £4 to get in!) it is one of the finest- green and parkalicious, with some top quality live acts.
There will also be the usual glut of 'oh look a shiny thing wot I got in Primark' posts, naturally.


  1. Have you ever submitted to 'Roundyhouse' (poetry mag based in Wales)? I (fairly infrequently now) review for them, but haven't written much actual poetry for ages. Let me know if you want submission details

    Lakota x

  2. I hope you do share your poetry with us, I love hearing it read by the writer.
    Hope everything goes well for you. Interesting to hear about the Hemmingway vintage thingy. I liked the sound of it last year although it got a bad press from many "vintage" bloggers. I adore Wayne Hemmingway. xxx

  3. I fear I have not gained my tickets for those dastardly difficult games in old London town next year, but then I am not too disheartened as I fear they have abandoned the synchronised singer races this time round.

    Come and let me be soothed by words selected and ordered by you, entertain me, with freedoms breathe.

    I've been on the red wine today, can you tell. Oppps

  4. Oh yay, we are going to the Olympiad too. Need to email you my address, remind me in case I forget. Back from hols yesterday and brain is still wonky! xx


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