Thursday, 28 April 2011

High Street Savvy: Peacocks Picks!

I'm getting my shopping mojo back at last! I must expect I anticipated a mad binge on Easter Monday, but rather sensibly left the shops with 3 CDs (totalling £12), some nautical work pumps (£7, Primarni) and some nail varnish remover. Hardly wild in the aisles.

Note the accuracy of the bank holiday weather.
Well, I'm off to Brighton today, and just checked the Peacock's website as is my wont.

Brighton has a particularly good branch of Peacocks, and, indeed, well stocked smaller branches in the Brighton 'burbs like Port Slade (or 'Hangleton Borders' if you're an estate agent). I prefer not to buy online as sizes, fabrics and so forth can be sorely disappointing if not seen first, especially at the lower end of the high street (price wise, I mean, being myself rather more gutter than stars). Thus, I tend to check out their website only before a trip to somewhere with a large branch.

I'm glad to say I found several items that appeal to my somewhat gaudy impure vintage self. Glad because they look nice, they're cheap, and of course I am such an oompa-loompa that their overly short skirts are actually quite wearable for me! Mwahaha!

Corseted Waist Prom Dress: £20
Useful for floaty light feminine events such as The Chap Olympiad. Fingers crossed it is floaty light in reality! Sensible Perdita is tutting though: I already have several summer prom dresses like this, and very rarely go for the full 'princess'.

Ladies' 70s Maxi: £22
I am intrigued as to why they feel the need to specify it's for 'ladies'. Is the cut not so good for men? Or is it some kind of subtle class hint: 'sorry love, you can't buy this holding that Primark bag...' I like it, I could happily yomp from pub to pub in it. Worth a try-on this weekend.

Sailboat cardigan £18
Now I understand that they would need to preface this with 'ladies' for a web search because men do wear cardigans. Lovely: sensible cardie with a fun knit and gold buttons. It goes with the nautical-themed tops and jeans I have packed, so I could wear it right away if I bought it...

Cherry Print Jumper £16
This also caught my eye, not as out-of-season as I first thought. I light sweater is something I carry round in my voluminous bags for when the evenings get chilly. This would be fab for year-round wear, I reckon. Although in the name of my thrifty budget (and my infamous clothing rail) it will have to be an 'or' with the cardie above, not an 'and'.

Righto, I'm off. Apparently someone's getting married- to some toff she met at uni, ceremony in the local abbey, mum-in-law's ring, buffet afterwards. This is how Princesses get married, and one would know- after all, this Princess has experience of just such things. She would strongly advise checking the best man for hip flasks prior to any speeches being made. And double checking one's ladies-in-waiting for the same item with regularity throughout the day.

One lives and learns, people, one lives and learns. Enjoy the bank holiday!


  1. Ha, I suspect Peacocks are responsible for a class conspiracy; maxi dresses are only the beginning...!

  2. Hi there-fabulous pieces, I love the cherry jumper and maxi dress!

  3. You do make me laugh, my dear Perdita. That plum coloured dress would look fabulous on a lady or a's definately worth closer investigation. xxx

  4. Hmmm I do think you may be onto something here, surely dresses are for everyone ;-)

  5. Seen so many nice clothes on peacocks website but unfortunatly everytime I go into my peacocks they havent stocked them in the store yet :( I really like the cherry print jumper!

  6. I can vouch for that cherry jumper :) I love mine!

  7. I just couldn't trust Peacocks online. I've got the odd lovely thing from there over the past few months but the amount of stuff that gets immediately ruled out for being made of nasty, cheap fabric is ridiculous. The Pearl Lowe range seems to be particularly bad and it really riles me - the prices are twice as high as anything else in store!

  8. Wonderful shopping adventures. I love it.

  9. I quite like Peacocks. I find it's like any high street shop, a bit hit and miss but a few gems once in a while x

  10. Wild in the aisles :D made me laugh!

    Is that a cherry print dress? I think l need one of those! I bought a cardi with hearts on it a couple of weeks back before the heatwave, then l saw one of the Slaters in Eastenders wearing it. Not best pleased.

  11. I love Peacocks actually - their Pearl Lowe collection is great (when on sale, I hasten to add)! xx

  12. The first dress and the cherry jumper are my favourites and they'll look fabulous on you. But so would the nautical cardi and the purple number. I always have to go and feel things first. I only buy stuff on Ebay when I know the fabric. I've had a few "keep away from a naked flame" disasters.

    Is that your wedding picture? If so, you look absolutely stunning! xx

  13. PS. If you change to pop up comments it makes it really easy for your readers to leave multiple comments. Dashboard-Settings-Comments-Pop Up Window. Hope you don't mind me letting you know xx


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