Thursday, 10 October 2013

I'm still here! Rambling...

I'm still here! Still alive and kicking. It's just this old blog that's gone all droopy and wilted like a neglected houseplant at the back of an office. Interesting metaphor, given the reason for my absence has been the fact that I myself have been droopy, wilted and at the back of an office. I'm a curriculum developer. That means I figure out how to fit all the things kiddliwinks in my school need to learn into the school year. Now, as you'd expect, usually the National Curriculum and exam contents are published the year before so I can set it all up. Which I do, over the summer holidays. But oh no, this government like to make major changes saaay ... over the weekend in the middle of term time. Requiring an extra fortnight's work to be done on top of my term time workload, quickly, without error or teething room. Irritating. Not going to bore you with some political rant but suffice to say it has, as they write in management documents "impacted upon my work life balance" (and I've had to do things twice, down to someone else's fickleness. A pet hate of mine).

So, I have done nothing of any interest to anyone since early September. Honestly, the highlight of my month has been finding a runner bean cutter at a boot sale and being able to trim vegetables more neatly. Sad!

Anyway, if you want to be more interesting than me at the moment (and trust me, that is very easy. You could be a potato, or a neatly machine cut runner bean, and be more interesting) here are some of my favourite blogs, they actually post stuff (!!) and don't abandon y'all for months at a time. You all know my usual list of vintage reads (they're linked down the side of my page, innit), but these are some more eclectic choices:

A Thrifty Mrs - currently my go-to lifestyle blog. Realistic, thrifty, witty. Also, she has a tiny little miniature doggy and basically when I'm not being all cynical and Lahndan I secretly click and go "aww look at the ikkle puppy!!" before normal service is resumed.

One Nail To Rule Them All - If I wasn't a rambly slightly vintage type blogger I'd blog nails. But not as well as this site. A-maz-ing and UK based so you don't love a colour then find you have to pay for postage from the US...

All The Dresses - a new project from Gemma of Retrochick. Just loads and loads of dresses. All the dresses, indeed. AAALLL OFFF THEEMMMMM!

Do you follow blogs of the same genre, and if so what? Or do you have a more eclectic reading list..?


  1. Oooh, thanks for including AAALLLLL THHHEEE DRESSESSSS! :D

    Sorry you are wilty, I am now off to look at cute dogs.

  2. Hellooooo sweetie!!!
    Loads of frocks? I better go and have a looksie at what Gemma's up to!
    O, hell no, I don;t follow blogs of the same genre. I follow quite a variety, as I have extremely wide interests! On Bloglovin I follow loads of food and interior design blogs, through Blogger, lots of different types of fashion blogs. XXX

  3. Hope things pick up for you soon hun x

  4. Mi raccomando pillole dimagranti caffè verde, li ho comprati dal e posso in buona coscienza raccomandare!


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