Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bargain Review: "Everything £5"

£5 clothes, brand new. I know what you're thinking: how could there possibly be a website selling clothing for just £5? It sounds too good to be true. It sounds like they must sell seconds or the garments would fall apart. You wouldn't go for it unless you head someone tell you it's OK.

Skater Dress: £5
So, I tried it. And I can tell you ... "Everything Five Pounds" is OK! The clothes are absolutely, positively normal high street stock. Indeed, my latest purchase had a tag on it with an RRP of £15.99. I would guess that they buy up old sale stock, deadstock and the like and sell it on - meaning, interestingly, that those of us with slightly alternative tastes are well catered for. Many of their items tend towards a retro or rock-chick style (perhaps that's why they didn't sell out on the high street?) and I've noticed the plainer and more 'key basics' an item is, the more unusual the sizes (top tip for you big or small footed ladies- black flat shoes- only ever in large or tiny).

When browsing, I've found it best to go in with an open mind. If you wait and wait for your perfect black work trousers in your perfect size (as some commenters, oddly, choose to) you'll be on a hiding to nothing. You can't rely on this website for that kind of shopping. However, if you browse thinking "I need a new knee length dress, don't mind about colour" or "some new boots - not bothered if they're patent or suede" you may well find something in a pattern you like, and in your size. Payment is straightforward and secure - various bank choices and of course Paypal. There's an option to 'join' (which allows reviews etc') when you shop but you don't need to do this and can proceed directly to checkout.

Contrasting Platform Velour Shoes: £5

I have bought from Everything £5 on three occasions; a pair of brown suede shoes with floral decoration, a stretch wiggle-type dress in 90s-style chintz (you'll know what I mean if you were there!), and most recently (together) a paid of brown suedette boots with a 70s feel and another stretch jersey dress, this time in a leaf print which reminded me of late 50s-early 60s barkcloth. All of the items cost £5 (duh) and P&P depended on the weight of what you buy; as a rough guide, the dress + boots cost about £4 in postage, bringing the total to £14 which is still pretty cheap. They say items are sent out the next day: mine were dispatched 48hr after purchase but as they were tracked and arrived the day after, that wasn't a problem. If you want something more quickly, there's always a premium mail service (personally, I wouldn't use this for £5 clothes though - the postage would cost more than the clothes)!

My £5 dress!

All the items I had have fitted fairly well. As they come from a range of factories and indeed shops, there is some variation in sizing from item to item (the second dress came up smaller than the first) and I must admit I anticipate this so tend to look only at stretch items or those intended to be worn loose. The first pair of shoes I purchased were slightly tight, although still reasonably well fitted - I went up a size for the boots and I'm glad I did as with an insole they fit properly. The quality for all items was what I would describe as 'regular high street' - think along the lines of New Look or H&M; not luxurious but they wash fine and definitely aren't defective in any way.

Snowflake Print Midi Dress: £5

Would I use this shop in future? Well, yes I would: for the right thing. It's almost like browsing the sales (which is probably where most of their stock once was); if you shop cleverly, and choose wisely, you can pick up really wearable bargains. If you have your heart set on one thing, though, you might end up disappointed as your size or colour sells out. It's a definite addition to my thrifty shopping collection.

Everything Five Pounds may be found here online.

NB: I purchased these items with my own money, have not been approached by everything £5, and this review is 100% my own opinion.


  1. Never heard of it! But, it sounds right up my street!

  2. I have bought a few things from there, two of the dresses has ASOS labels on! One dress I know ASOS was selling for like £30. I think its a great site, there is some tat on there but you can get some great stuff too :) xx


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