Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Do You Make Christmas Gifts? Useful Links!

Yeah, it's November. With Bonfire Night and Halloween out of the way, my thoughts turn Christmas-wards. I always intend to make elaborate home made gifts for everyone, but sometimes time (and money) get in the way of creating complex applique designs or cards so complex they could be filmed for Grand Designs.

Often, if you're not amazing with the sewing machine it's those little stocking fillers which are best home-made. Gifts for work mates, neighbours, friends and kids. I find simple, low-cost crafting incredibly therapeutic and relaxing on a cold winter night. Working long days and often bringing work home, projects need to offer impressive results with either a quick make, or, if a longer project, small steps which can be split up over several evenings.

Also... they have to be cheaper than buying a (nice) example of said object from a shop. I am no longer a kid and people won't smile through gritted teeth "it's loooovely" if I present them with some chewed up can-you-guess-what-it-is-yet article; all the worse if it cost me a new mortgage via  Hobbycraft. Most of my craft materials are recycled, thrifted or scrounged from Poundland or - on a good day - Dunelm Mill.

I usually start searching for ideas in my old 70s books and online around now. Thanks to Pinterest (yes! I am on Pinterest! And I'm shamelessly plugging my boards!) I've rounded up and filtered out some of the best easy/thrifty/actually cool Christmas lists out there and am sharing them today (click the captions to link):

36th Avenue has the BEST range out there; it delivers exactly the level of thrift, ease and actual nice gifts I want. What is more, at the bottom they link to two further installments. So that's up to 75 gifts! now my family'sbig, but not that big...spoilt for choice.

This range of 24 easy projects from Tip Junkie has some nice bath items and paper crafts.They say they're for neighbours only... I'm gonna be a rebel and give them to people who don't live next door (but are neighbours in the metaphorical sense, I guess).

These ideas from How Does She are a little less 'hands on' but every bit as cute;printable labels and ideas for little baskets, sweets etc'. Perfect for making a simple little gift more special.
Finally - Cut Out And Keep is a great craft community with literally thousands of projects... if you want something specific, or want to search by material, it is the place to go.

Don't forget to check out my Christmas Craft board on Pinterest for more ideas (including how to make sleighs out of 2 chocolate bars and some candy canes... genius!).


  1. This is amazing, thank you! I always like to start my christmas crafts straight after remembrance day, so have been half-heartedly browsing the internet for inspiration the last few days but haven't really found anything that appeals to me. Until now. So much to choose from! X

  2. I've been so good at keeping away from Pinterest recently...now I've broken the seal again. My favourite activity is frantically pinning ideas, but it takes up all the time required for actually MAKING things. Aah well.

    Following you there now
    PS. Love cut out and Keep

  3. The 36th Avenue banner looks very enticing, makes me want to gid deeper on their shop. I need more ideas for creating gifts for christmas now that I don´t have a big budget to splurge. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Let´s exchange links.

  4. I'm a big fan of homemade gifts, cards and wrapping, too, and completely understand what you mean about how elaborate some of your cards can become (I'm a fellow paper crafter, too).

    Those felt bow ties are especially charming. I love that they could used as both wrapping and then as fashion accessory by the recipient.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I have to admit I am not very good with crafty things. I can sew but thats about it. x

  6. I always have great intentions to make lots of Christmas gifts but when it comes to it I usually don't have time. Perhaps this year will be different, thanks for sharing those links, will be checking them out for ideas.


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