Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Microwave Rollers? From 99p Stores?

Ah, I hear you say, that's why she hasn't blogged much; she's blown her house sky-high by using microwave hair rollers bought at 99p Stores in West Ealing. Fortunately my house is intact, but my health wasn't so great for a while (I won't bore/ick you with why) hence yet more blogging neglect.

Anyyyway, back into the usual cheap stuff, vintage stuff, silly vain stuff that is the mainstay of this blog. Yes, I did by heated rollers from a poundshop. Basically, they are ceramic rollers covered in felt - just your usual clip-in type. They have no heating device though (hence the cheapness) and one must warm them up in the microwave. It may have been the residual cider in my system from the night before but I thought 'what the heck' and bought some.

So, here are the instructions:

Excuse the flash.

The first time I tried them, I must admit His Lordship and I waited, fearful of the impending nuclear style blast, just out of reach of the microwave. There was no blast; although cheap, they have survived several heatings so far I am pleased to report.

Mind you, they almost didn't make it to several uses. The first time I used them was an utter failure; I made a schoolgirl error. I followed the instructions. Everyone knows how garbled these 'as seen on TV' poundland bargain instructions can be, with their ridiculously exaggerated claims of success every time. But I did. I got nothing. If anything, my hair was straighter than usual because they somehow managed to eradicate the natural flick I have when it rains.

So - and mind you listen now and listen good, I am not recommending anyone else do this, hair could be lost, kitchens could be blown up, you hear me?? - I gave it another try, ignoring pretty much everything they told me on the packet.

Behold my mighty equipment!
Firstly, I added ten-to-twenty seconds onto the recommended heating times. Not much but it definitely improved the heat factor. I have asbestos fingers, but even if you don't, the pink edges stay cool. Second, ignored the 'damp or dry' and combed through a whole load of mousse (and have since used setting lotion). This step is needed.

Third, and crucially, I leave them in for at least thirty minutes. In order for the hair to 'hold' it needs to cool in shape- so the claim of '1 or 2 minutes' is nonsense, especially as if they were heated at 350w for ten seconds they'd barely be warm. But there you go. The clips are very secure and although I wouldn't sleep in them they are extremely comfy for up to an hour as they cool. During this time I usually waste time on Twitter and eat Maltesers get my nails and make up ready.

They give a soft, easily styled curl.
So, what is the finish like and how long do the curls last? Unfortunately due to my recent hermit-like state I have no photographic evidence on my new bob, but I did use them for my hair for the Chap Olympiad this year and they worked well. I got a soft, gentle wave which was easy to shape into a daytime style. When styled and sprayed, the shape lasts all day. On days when I have just used these for curls, it very much depends on the weather; to be honest these are ideal 'getting ready in the evening' rollers for a quick change of style: for between-washes curls I would still set my hair on sponge rollers or rag roll them overnight. But, considering I got three packets for £2.97, who can complain? Easy, portable and comfy. You can get them from EBay, too, (just search for 'microwave rollers') if you fear the shop o' pounds' version be cursed...

Would you risk your barnet on a poundshop whim..?


  1. oh interesting, I haven't seen these before, I do love a 99p shop.

  2. I consider microwaving anything other than food to be risky business!! It sounds like common sense prevailed over daft instructions. I do have a heated set but only used it just once shamefully in 4 years. oops.

  3. Jon worked for the main UK distributor of those "As Seen On TV" products some years ago. The complaints they got from customers who'd purchased malfunctioning products was shocking, so after tan wipes turning people orange for a fortnight & hand-held vacuums spontaneously combusting no, I probably wouldn't risk my hair in their curlers! x

  4. ok Vix's story just scared me to death. I must say though your hair looks great you don't show yourself off nearly as much as you should.

  5. Your hair looks great and having had minimal success with rollers in the past, I am pretty tempted. Wondering whether the ebay options will be any safer than pound shop ones.

  6. Gosh they sound different! You were brave I don't think I would try it I wou;d be worried about them exploding lol x

  7. I would definitely give these a go for this price. I could whack them on my barnet first thing then have breakfast and pfaff about for a bit. Great find x

  8. Years ago I used heated rollers which i purchased from woolworths. You put them in a pan of boiling water to heat them up. I have to say they were really good, the best results and I so wish I could buy them today. Since then I have used electric ones which in my opinion do not give as good a result. I may try the microwave rollers but probably ot the 99 p store ones!

  9. This is great I was hoping for someone brave enough to try them as I bought them but 10seconds in the microwave did not work. I will try them again using the information you have given many thanks
    Eleanor 05.07.2013


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