Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Old Skool

More of my scruffy 70s stylings. Meet my favourite shell toes:

Gained in a thrifty manner, but of course! Several members of my family (all a good 3-4 inches taller than me) have the same shoe size. These were inherited, nearly new, from my sis who works in meedja and is much trendier than me.

I have a confession to make, too. You know my purple jacket? It's not the oldest (as in, owned by me longest) item I own. The T-shirt in the photos is. This T-shirt started life in the lost-kit bag of my school ( as in, the school I went to- way back in the distant past). Even then, it was so old skool that it wasn't even the colour of the kit anymore (which had changed in the late 70s when it became a mixed comp) and thus was never, ever used. About 1994, mid Britpop mania, I spotted it being thrown out with some sweaty vests and odd socks, and asked for it as it seemed very a la mode. Totes free and turned out to be Adidas too! Hurrah.

Angsty mid-90s listening to Pulp pose.
Yeah, I had a smiley face fail on these shots. I don't know what it is about outfit posts; I smile in normal photos.

The 'don't pick me for the team' face.

The jersey is really good quality, but the badge was only printed on so is now rather faded. I think it's late 70s (due to the colour and provenance of being in the old kit bag). I did wash it a good few times before its first wear back in 94, and have washed it regularly since; no fading, hurrah!

Mad eye make up, as per.
Anyway, I love a bit of old Adidas, and 60s-70s sportswear as a whole. I refuse to accept it isn't vintage; if the frocks are, the retro stuff is too. So there. Plus, it reminds me of my yoof.

Now I'm going to watch my dancing flower bop to some Blur, Pulp and Garbage, watch The Big Breakfast and buy some Thai food because it's the new exotic thing. Chin Chin old chaps (raises bottle of Two Dogs).


  1. Ah this takes me back! I have a photo of me from 94' in almost the same get up :) I'm off to dig out Definitely Maybe!

  2. What a lovely history to a classic pair of trainers. I was almost heartbroken last year when I lost my fave old pair of dunlop green flash trainers that I had since I was a teen!

  3. Raising a bottle of Hooch right back at ya! Whilst listening to Sleeper! I think I would've grabbed that T-Shirt too. I love shell toes, need some more - sports direct is closing so think I'll pop in on the way home. xx

  4. Check you out flossing the shell toes, NICE! I must admit that I am a total nut for shell toes but once they get too dirty they are off to the charity shop. I know they are sneakers and suppose to get dirty but I am pretty meticulous about keeping my sneaks in perfect condition! I own about 10 pairs of Adidas and I love each and every one of them.

  5. love your Adidas sneakers!
    I need to bust out my blue and black Pumas.

  6. I love your retro sportswear! Takes me back too, to I love Pulp, Blur and all that.

  7. I like the 'listening to Pulp' pose - made me smile. Comfy vintage - can't go wrong!

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