Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Florals

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter Shoes!
A quick outfit post for you all today; spring has sprung (according the the calendar if not the weather) so I cracked out one of my floral 60s summer dresses. With opaques and a 70s tracksuit jacket, because of the aforementioned weather.

I'm making a conscious effort to blog and wear more of my usual style- I think last year as I often blogged events, I would be dressed in a way which was frankly more refined and tasteful than my usual look. I usually combined modern with 60s-70s, and generally look like a reject from the Reading Festival circa 1998. The elegant face of vintage and indie I am not.

Fixating on the shoes.
Cheap as chips, Primarni.
I got these shoes in the Primark sale, ah the shame and the cheapness. They're actually pretty well made though and have a pleasing chunkiness to them, as well as being blue/brown (I can't stand black shoes with a blue outfit, for some reason it's the only clash I cannot be doing with).

Finally the whole outfit!
And another one, because it seems I am actually smiling in these outfit shots! Wonders will never cease. We also have my oldest (as in owned by me) item of vintage, a two-stripe (because in spite of what the snobs tell you, knock-off are nothing new) faux Adidas tracksuit top, early 70s, purchased for the princely sum of £3 at a retro market at Phoenix Festival in 1996. And it's purple. My favourite!

By the way, Blogger won't let me add text under the following images, so I'll sign off now with a cheery Easter greeting, and go off to nomm all the crisps I've avoided over Lent...

Adds a whole new meaning to the
words 'vintage knockoff'

Pretty neck detailing. The dress is home made vintage,
luckily for someone with my odd build.


  1. I love the whole outfit!! Great find with the jacket - I've not seen a purple one. Got a standard turquoise blue addidas one in the loft.

  2. Girl this is my kinda outfit! I love the addidas jacket paired with the floral dress you look so friggin cute!

  3. Haha I had forgotten you had given up crisps for lent. I love the dress and what better colour is there than purple? (as for vintage glamour....I am typing this in lounge pants and a huge off the shoulder sweatshirt oh the shame! lol)

  4. love the dress and jacket combo! I've never even looked at Primark shoes but yours appear very nice x

  5. Loving the dress. X


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