Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ye Olde Worlde

Ha! No, I have not got into a new and extreme era of vintage, nor have I become a re-enactor of sword fights and the like. Although, that does sound fun in its own way...

Medieval Fun!

My latest low-budget day out is to Ruislip's Medieval Weekend, incorporating their ever popular craft and artisan food fair, managed by Duck Pond Markets.

Ruislip is based around a suburban high street with the usual array of charity shops, hairdressers, cafes and other things that are pleasant to use of a weekend. However, what many people don't realise is that it has a rich history, including medieval buildings located around the duck pond and Pinn Fields at the top of the high street. Every year, this fantastic heritage is celebrated with a festival, combining historical information and re-enactments with good, old fashioned shopping and eating.

Enough history! Make with the shopping already!
As I approached the festival, I was really pleased with what I saw; I had been disappointed by a French Market on the site a few weeks before but I could tell right away this was well organised, thriving and varied.

There was a great combination of local clubs (amateur dramatics in costumes, local history, community groups and so forth) and craft/vintage stands. The stands were presented wonderfully, with good access, and there was a fabulous variety for all the family from baby to grandparents. I had intended on ploughing straight through to the cake artisan food area, however a number of excellent stalls caught my eye. Luckily, this not being the medieval age, they all have websites so please check out their wares!

Room For Change
Room for Change is an upcycling company based in Buckinghamshire. The stall was an ultra-glam feast of jewels and trinkets, slips and slinky dresses all made sumptuous with embroidery and embellishment. Check out Room for Change's Etsy shop for some film-star fabulous bits and pieces.

Nightingale Soaps
Perfect pressies - Nightingale Soaps are all natural and handcrafted. They have old fashioned herb-and-fruit scents which aren't overpowering at all. They were offering small slivers so people could try before they bought online at their website (click here). Natural cosmetics seems a particular strong point of the Duck Pond Market, I bought some lovely lipbalm from Ruby Red Natural Cosmetics. Made from pure olive oil, beeswax and shea butter, it's soothing and softening- and it smells delicious too!

Business cards and rain don't mix!
Last but not least some vintage treats for those of us out in the wild wild west of London town...

Accessories!! You can never have enough!
Love Alexandra is a vintage shop and website - for both men and women- run by Lucy Alexandra. the shop is in Ickenham in Middlesex (still on the tube mind, and a nice little spot for charity shops if you're in the area) but of course you can order online too. The stand had a nice combination of eras and prices, and the accessories were particularly appealing and well displayed. Lucy also edits a new (and free!) magazine The Vintage Rag Mag - post on that to follow soon!

They are part of a developing network of vintage companies springing up around Middlesex, and you can catch these all at the Vintazia Friday Night Fairs - also, funnily enough, in Ruislip. I will attend the next and feed back, never fear!

A general shot of the barn.*

Sadly, my adventure today was cut short by a violent downpour, I did shelter in the great barn for a little while but eventually had to strike out home with cake and quiche for His Lordship to munch for lunch. The only thing the organisers couldn't have controlled, but apart from the rain, a great free day out. The weekend runs 11am-4pm tomorrow (Sunday 21st August) too, if you are in the area.

*If you are a vendor in the barn who prefers not to be in any photos on amateur blogs, please let me know and I will remove this shot. This is a general photo of a number of stands and verbal permission was granted for a shot of the barn interior, I have tried to keep stands who have this policy out of shot.


  1. This sounds like a fab day its such a shame the weather always has to spoil things xx

  2. Bugger about the rain,but what a splendid day out indeed!I've always wnated to check out one of the Renaissance Fairs in the States,actually.I think they are a more over the top version of what you've just been to.

  3. What a shame about the rain, that looked a smashing place to visit. x

  4. It looks to be an absolute delight, a fun and interesting day, in such pretty, beautiful surroundings. What joys our little area of the world has. Thanks for taking us a long for the day out. You are a little star.

  5. Ah fun, I hope there was a roast hog x

  6. looks like lots fun amor.
    damn rain!

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  8. Looks a great event - I love this sort of thing. At least the rain held off until you'd done the important stuff i.e. buy cake!

  9. I feel as if I am duty bound to shop at that vintage shop. Very kind of them to name it after me ;-)

    Did you buy anything from Room for Change? It looks lovely and glitzy.

  10. Hi my dear!! I've been meaning to get to the Vintazia night fair but haven't so far, the lady who organises it does a stall at Primrose Hill and it does look fab! Hope you're well and have a good week ahead xx

  11. Rusilip owes you one for doing the best ever sell on it! I'm hopping on the tube xx

  12. Looks like fun! I bet food was good too! That building looks amazing! Too bad about the rain! It had been raining here on the East Coast of the US for nearly a week! There were major areas of flooding and washed out roads. The sun came out just the other day, thank goodness!

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