Monday, 15 August 2011

Charleston House

Some more wanderings with my camera!

Charleston House And Garden is a wonderful farmhouse in Sussex. Decorated and renovated over the 20th Century by the artists Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, it became a centre of creativity for the Bloomsbury Group. It's well worth a visit for anyone who enjoys literature or art; inside, the eclectic designs vary from Medieval to Picasso with all sorts (Laura Ashley's original designs, for example) in between. Every wall has been decorated, too. Many of the century's most influential thinkers spent time there and sketches of them at work are hidden in every nook and cranny. Unlike many of my favourite places, this one isn't cheap at £9 for a tour, however as a one-off it's well worth it- both to ensure the house is preserved for future generations and to marvel and how creativity, academia, politics and economic theory interleaved within the walls.

If you do take the tour, (available Weds-Sat - check website for further details) bear in mind you may not get on the next available tour! Wednesdays are particularly busy, so pre-booking or being flexible about when you lunch or shop is useful. The reward for being patient is a small, intimate tour with a very knowledgeable guide, who has the time to answer all questions personally.

Photography is forbidden within the building, however the gardens (which can be wandered free of charge- you may get a ticketed tour but most do not bother) are an amazing place to take a camera. Here are some snaps to give you a feel of the place...just right for a pick-nick on a sunny afternoon...

This one amuses me. If you are childish and rich, the
half-statue (with mooning feature) may be purchased from
the shop for £250.

Have you any favourite houses or gardens?


  1. I thought that was your new house! It's gorgeous.
    I haven't been to any stately homes in the UK since I was a kid.
    My favourite ever place is the Maharajah's Palace at Mysore, India. The ridiculous oppulence and blinginess is just beyond words. x

  2. Ohh that sounds fascinating. Audley End House in Essex will always have a soft spot for me, loads of days out there when I was a kid

  3. The gardens look beautiful here. One of my fave houses is Eltham Palace - Art Deco gorgeousness! x

  4. Lovely, sounds just my kind of place. Will have to see if I can get there by train x

  5. I won't even start on my list! Honestly, I'd be here all night. I work in a historic house and I visit them for fun all the time, always have done. Every place has its own special charm.

  6. That's going on my list of places to visit. I was in Suffolk last month, wish I'd known about it then!

  7. I saw that photo and thought, hello, that's a nice place to call home and I was just about to invite myself round for a cup of tea and a choccie hobnob!

    It looks a wonderful place, those gardens look lovely. Easy to see how beauty inspires creativity.

  8. What a gorgeous casa, I love English history and buildings.
    I too thought it was your new house was going to invite myself already.

  9. I've seen this house featured on the TV - I think it was bargain hunt. It's rather special! Love that first photo - it's one of those scenes that you just want to click your fingers and be part of it!

  10. Hi there-what a lovely review, it looks amazing here! Have a great weekend too xxx


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