Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bloglink...'Where Is Harriet?: Matalan Autumn Winter'

A very quick post... check out Matalan's mod-inspired AW collection as blogged by Where Is Harriet?

where is harriet?: Matalan Autumn Winter

Matalan seems to be THE place to go for affordable repro-styles (that, as a customer, I find last/wash well: so no 'fast fashion trash' either), as well as catwalk inspired looks and basics. Oh, I do sound like a nanna saying that but it's truuuue!

Where are your favourite places for bargain repro? Post us your tips and links below...


  1. Meh, I do not have a Matalan :(

    At least, I don't think I do? It's probably out of town somewhere I never venture!

  2. Why buy repro when you can buy the real thing! HELLOOOO!

  3. @RetroChick... yep they tend to be horridly out-of-the-way. They do sell online though.

    @Anonymous... please read the rest of my blog for the answer to that one. In short: I do wear vintage, but it is both expensive and wasteful to wear something with antique-value when you work with kids. Oh, and I don't regard myself as vintage pure, rather as thrifty with an interest in clothing.

  4. I will check out the link amor.

  5. Hi my dear-like you I love vintage, but obviously not for every day-my recent post features my recent purchase of Matalan floral ballet pumps-they are definitely my go to shop for on trend, cheap high street pieces xx


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