Monday, 4 July 2011

Sew and Sew

His Lordship gave me a sewing machine for my birthday. A 1914 Singer in perfect working order with original case, to be precise.

Well, it was in perfect working order when he bought it; by the time it arrived at our flat, the case was smashed to pieces and the workings somewhat bruised...

Imagine unwrapping a present, opening the box and finding this.
Only it looked worse!

Putting 3 or 4 loose pieces of polystyrene around a manual sewing machine doesn't cut it as 'adiquate packaging', even if it is being couriered.

Luckily for me, His Lordship is naturally predisposed to fixing and mending and ting, and following some most unseemly sulking and ill temper from myself, set to fixing it. Which he managed using 'how tos' from several blogs (including House of Marmalade) in less than one working day! I would fascinate you with the technical details but I'm afraid I don't have the foggiest. All that's left now is the case, and that's merely because he wants to use some kind of special wood glue and hasn't had a chance to visit Robert Dias yet.


Designer Label, innit.
More pretty.

I have taken some photos with another sewing machine I recently received from Tea & Crumpets, lovely. This one is only a few centimeters tall and you wear it round your neck. But it looks the same! This, as you might imagine, has given my tiny brain hours of amusement:

HOW adorable?
To scale against the needle of 'Big Singer'
Little and Large!
OOOh and speaking of giveways... my tat from Retrochick arrived just now! Just as I was typing this! I became instantly and utterly overexcited, there is NOTHING like cute holiday-themed tat. Check it out:

Adorable heart! Ooh! This was an added surprise, and a fab one.

What is hiding amidst the tissue...?
His Lordship has his eye on this sexy little shot glass...
Schnap of some schnapps!
Many thanks to RetroChick! What a lovely little parcel to receive on a Monday.


  1. oh what a roller coaster this post took me on! I was 'oooo what a fab gift' the 'awwwww, it's all broken' to ''hoorah it's better!'' Will you drink the schnapps? My aunty used to collect miniatures, never opened them. She had them for years! x

  2. woah! Glad your fab pressie is fixed!!!! Cute tat too!! lol. X

  3. How annoying about the packaging - I hope suitable feedback will be left for the seller. Good news that His Lordship was able to fix the machine x

  4. Scheeeeeeeeeeeeer-woon!!! How lovely is that (despite the bashing it took) You lucky Mrs!

  5. Gosh, how annoying about the sewing machine. Good job it was fixable. I'd have had a proper stampy hissy fit!

    Also, glad your tat arrived! Do drink the fiegling, it's yummy!

  6. Thank heavens for a man who likes to mess!
    That is a beauty. Mine are currently masquerading as doorstops. x

  7. Oh how precious, glad his lorship knew how to fix it.
    I seen one of these at the boot sale but in green, the seller wanted £40. I was too cheap to buy it.

  8. A thing of beauty! Good job your chap is a fixer of things. I have two old Singers, one to use and one to look at that has a gold sphinx on it! Don't build stuff like that anymore.

  9. Hi there-so good that his Lordship fixed your sewing machine, how sad it got so smashed. Love your gift too, very thoughtful and kind xx

  10. What a beautiful machine! It makes me so mad when sellers don't wrap and pack things properly...gggrrrrrr! Glad you were able to fettle it though :)

  11. What a gorgeous gift, and thank God he's handy with the DIY. I have a teeny weeny singer too, it used to live in my doll's house as a littly.

  12. What a beautiful sewing machine, shame about the shoddy packing. Is it easy to use? xx

  13. What a beautiful machine. I have got an old singer too, will blog it soon. xx

  14. I remember many members of my family having singer sewing machines pretty much like the one you have. Looking at the photo takes me back and reminds me how beautiful they are. I'm glad your present is fixed now and so pleased that you have such a thoughtful other half.

  15. Oh wow what a beautiful machine! Love it and so glad your OH is clever enough to fix it! I can't believe anyone was so stupid as to send something so beautiful and old in such crap packaging, grrr

  16. I want you to put a chain around the big sewing machine to wear like gangsta bling xx

  17. The sewing machine is cool but the packaging was a bit of a joke can't imagine how you felt when you opened it up and it was all in bits :-s


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