Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Mate Selena...

Selena is a mate of mine, we met in our first year of teaching. She's fab. As well as being a kind, creative and genuinely wonderful person, she is also utterly, utterly hilarious and vivacious.

...and she's dipping her toe into the blogosphere. So please give her a boost and have a look at her blog!

It's a personal journal blog, with a focus on her new healthy lifestyle. But there will, not doubt, be hilarious tales of her crazy-ass chickens, dogs, cats, friends, family and other things that make Selena tick!

Link: Stuff & Nonsense: Oooh Hello!!: "Right, here's the thing. I have spent so long trying to work out whether I want a purple page or I want to give the impression of sophistic..."


  1. Coooeeee... wheres the link then Mrs?

  2. For some reason not showing itself as a link, have emboldened it to make it clear! Soz!

  3. Sounds like an interesting blog, I will follow it on Google.

  4. Off to check it out! If she's half as entertaining as you are we're in for a treat! x


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