Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I haven't been up to much this weekend - which is probably a good thing, as I'm completely knackered from work and the end-of-term-germs are out in full force!

Instead of my usual social whirl (you know, going round some charity shops then to the pub) I plumped for a pop into Matalan on the way back from work followed by 48 hours of sitting around eating olives and drinking tea and/or cider. So yes, a trip to Matalan was my big day out of the last few days. Ah, the back to school displays, the overheard tantrums and mothers tell daughters they don't care if it's a holiday, they aint getting a t-shirt with that slogan on it at their age... the multipacks of tights and pants. Overwhelming sophistication.

I picked up a couple of items. One is a dress which I may well blog about when I'm back pubbin' around the place (perfect pub dress: light jersey - looks smart, but comfy as. And just a bit too low cut for work). It was £7, from £15.

The other is my new favourite lazing around suit. It's a jumpsuit, yep, that item I'm always saying I will never wear. I was wrong, this won me over by managing to allay my three principal fears when it comes to jumpsuits- too body-con, greige and utilitarian and impossible to visit a pub loo in. It's super-flowing with hareem bottoms, has a mad tropical print and it's strapless (so no toilet shenanegans) ...and it was reduced to £5! Strictly speaking, it is beachwear, but I've got a feeling it will work for strolls in the park or the odd BBQ.

OooOoh someone's posin' like they're
too cool for skool!
Totally tropical! Talking of totally tropical, I was incredibly impressed to find my Rockalily limited edition Mermaid lipstick arrive on Saturday - less than 24 hours after I had ordered it! Blimy! I've been hankering after a Rockalily for several months, waiting as ReeRee tweeted about the limited edition coral, soon to hit the e-shelves. For those of you with deeper and more intellectual interests than lipstick and/or a life outside Twitter, Rockalily Lipsticks are high-quality, small company produced lipsticks with the focus very much on quality and 'true' shades of red (and pink, and coral now) to suit different skin tones. Although popular with vintage fans, I would say they are perfect for anyone who wants a classic lip colour they can rely on at an extremely good price for the high-end quality.

Now, I tend to wear red lippy in winter but in summer I love a nice pink or coral (or even a buff, ooerr). Mermaid is a fab pinky coral lipstick and I have been wearing it out and about (well, to Mr Kumar's shop, to Superdrug, to the post box...) all weekend. It has a very light consistency so is ideal for warm weather: one slick, blotted with tissue, is almost a lipstain - for a more evening/work look, I applied, blotted, re-applied. The texture is moisturising and refined and the colour lasts well. I also love the packaging- the lipstick, when wound back into its tube, give a sturdy 'click' so you know it is safe and sound, and the tube is strong, matte and understated. It won't get ruined in a handbag and neither will the lid come off and spoil your lining.

Now brace yourselves: it's me without my full face on (thank goodness the lush lippy distracts from the rest of it...):

I am not naked on the communal balcony.
It's a strapless top. Honest Officer.
I hope you too are all having a relaxing weekend! Next weekend it's Beer Fest, Vintage At Southbank and a Jazz Festival for me, so I'd better nip off and build up my strength with some more olives, chilli peanuts and a cider. Mwa mwa, blog-chums!


  1. Lippy suits you a treat! And you are rocking that jump suit and yellow heels :)

  2. Pear cider and olives have just summed up my afternoon.
    You look ravishing in that jumpsuit and the lippie is a winner. Matalan sales are brilliant, I love their Egyptian cotton sheets and their shoes, when I can find my size are fan-bloody-tastic. x

  3. Gorgeous jumpsuit and shoes, looks really good on you. I'll look out for the lippy - I really should be braver with make-up x

  4. I love your colorful jumpsuit amor.
    that lippy looks a fab color.
    you look cute naked on balcony. :)

  5. Gosh you look soo pretty, love the bargain too! x

  6. The lippy is a beautiful shade. I've just about plucked up the courage to wear red but I'm weirdly scared of corals and pinks. Me and makeup aren't exactly pals.

    Love the jumpsuit! I wasn't very impressed with the dresses last time I was in Matalan but obviously I was looking in the wrong section. Beachwear is clearly where the good stuff is hidden.

  7. great little bargain with the jumpsuit, glad you like the Rockalily lipstick. I love my Rockette Red and am tempted with the Vintage Vixen.

  8. Olives! Mmmmmmmmmm
    We don't have this Matalan shop over here,sounds pretty good though! Looking hawt,and I LOVE that last pic;you're a foxy wench!xxx

  9. Nice jumpsuit! You make me want to go on holiday!

  10. You look totally fab! I'm seriously craving a 30's "beach" jumpsuit, and a Rockalilly lippy, need some pennies stat! X

  11. Oooh the jumpsuit looks fab, perfect shoes to go with it too! BTW any sign of your wellies yet? Ive still not heard anything x

  12. You look fab in the lippy. Sadly I am too curvy to rock a jumpsuit :( x

  13. Hi my dear-the jumpsuit was a perfect find, you look gorgeous and I love the lippy too! xx

  14. What an amazing jumpsuit. I love the bright florals and you definitely can't go wrong for £5. Hope you enjoy Vintage, I went to Vintage at Goodwood last year and it was fab.

  15. Love the outfit. My truthful 6 year old saw me posing in my C&A number which I haven't yet braved outside the house and said "What is that FOR? I don't really like it." Sigh.

    You are unfairly fresh-faced for the end of term if that is truly your lipstick only face.

  16. What an awesome jumpsuit! You make me want to go on holiday!

  17. Oh honey you look lovely without your full face on!
    I've never even tried a jumpsuit but maybe I'll have to! You look lovely in yours, I love the cheerful, colourful print.

    Florrie x

  18. You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit. What a bargain xx


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