Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pub Review: The Office

Another pub review from Brighton. Decadent, I know. Please do read on to the end, as well as finding out about a favourite North Laines pub you'll also get to see a picture of a giant prawn holding Union Jack bunting. Which, I think you'll agree, is worth a few minutes of anyone's time.

The Office is a modern pub located in Sydney Street, a popular shopping area in Brighton's eclectic North Laines. It attracts a mixed crowd- families, students, couples and work groups all mingle in the bar and small garden (to the rear). Decor is rather 'woody'- plenty of pine, beige and cream - it gives a neutral effect. Some might find this unoriginal however in an area where some shops and cafes cynically crank up the novelty factor or niche themselves into clique territory, having this rather plain decor is a boon as it encourages the mixed crowd and relaxed atmosphere. The personality of this pub results from its staff, drinks, food and music- which speak for themselves.

There are two reasons why I pop into The Office regularly (three if you include being a shopaholic with a penchant for second-hand-shops in Brighton); the fact they offer quality ciders (& perries) and the food.

By quality ciders, I mean beverages that have actually been made out of apples, don't require ice and aren't sweeter than Dr Pepper. They are quite hard to come by - possibly because they aren't widely marketed outside the West and Eastern counties of the UK, but also because they can be rather strong and an aquired taste. Oh, and some of them have bits in...

Lumpy Perry.
No rats were harmed in the making of this booze.
If you prefer your drinks more mainstream and less Darling Buds Of May, they also have a fantastic range of beers, spirits and a cocktail menu including a delightful St Germain cocktail which is fantastic on a warm evening.

Like many pubs, The Office serves Thai food: although I did not have any on this particular visit, I often do and have always found portions generous, quality good and a decent range for vegetarians and 'meatatarians' alike as you can choose most items to be made with meat, fish or veg. I usually have Tom Yum followed by seafood Pad Thai, not the most unusual Thai-pub-lunch but lip-smackin' good, and lines the tum-tum well before more cider adventures.

Me with my hair all messy from the beach
and looking a bit tubby.
On our visit, we were served right away by a very helpful and friendly barmaid, she was able to give me the lowdown on my oddbod cloudy beverages and recommend a beer for His Lordship. It was rather crowded and we went out into the beer garden and found ourselves a corner: the garden has high walls, lovely on a warm day and useful for smokers. It also sheltered us from the stiff breeze! However, it's worth noting that I've never found it a 'sun trap' so sun worshippers might prefer to use the tables at the front of the pub. After a while, I decided to go inside (OK, I saw an wasp-like insect and had a freakout) and we found ourselves some nice seats by the door. We finished our drinks and did a bit of people-watching, which was nice (and funny, when they are drunkenly trying to pull...ah, bank holidays...).

His Lordship seems concerned - perhaps it's those pesky owls again!
So, another day, another pub review. No wonder I am a shadow of my former self. Gah. The things I do for this blog... Anyway- The Office is a lovely, calm pub in a busy shopping street. Perfect for chilling out or partying, it's well worth a visit.

Now, as promised, a giant prawn waving Union Jack bunting...

You can't go on the internet these days
without someone ramming prawnographic photos in your face!


  1. Bwahahaha, love your last line :D

  2. Brilliant!
    Isn't cider with bits in it called Scrumpy? Some of our mates bring back a flagon of it every time they come back from Somerset...scary stuff. xxx

  3. The prawn! The giant prawn! Lulz!
    Also, Perdita, I've never seen a pic of you before, you beauty!!

  4. You look lovely! We were up there last week, Wednesday I think. Did you see the cardboard cut out of Kate and Wills you could stick your head through?? I admit I rather like cider with ice, but I would give anything a try once! x

  5. Really enjoyed reading your pub reviews! I haven't been to Brighton for years...must make it down sometime and try out your recommendations!

  6. um yum cider. The prawn's a bit scary, lol x

  7. Did that giant prawn drink all the cider! xx

  8. That prawn is terrifying. Terrifying, I tell you.
    You look so gorgeous though!

  9. Gawd, I love proper cider. So hard to find anything other than Magners/Bulmers in so many pubs though!

    Are you a Brighton resident or just visiting? I must do more pub trips, but I find myself allergic to the sweaty masses - and I'm usually there at weekends as well :(

    (p.s you look gorgeous!)

  10. Hi my dear-yum, another fabulous review!! I love the picture of you too!! xx

  11. Super review and don't you both look jolly handsome indeed. I think his Lordship's face could do with a monocle though, not sure why, just seems like the face to have one.

    As for the that picture, well, just perfect!


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