Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Markets, Fleas & Peas Pottage HAWT: Brighton Thrift #2

Being in Brighton for the best part of three days, a-thrifting-we-did-go, and not merely at Snooper’s. We also discovered a wonderful street market that runs on a Saturday, in Upper Gardner St behind the main drag of the North Laines.

Indoor Flea Market- more info further down this post!

It was rather eclectic and to some extent it gave the imaginary impression that people had opened up their homes, as doors and windows were open onto the warm street, filled with stands both professional and casual, craft-based and second hand.

Amongst the stalls I counted there were:
  • Several local produce stands (cheeses, cupcakes, baked goods etc’)
  • Military ephemera
  • Many, many bric-a-brac stands
  • Handcrafted jewellery and knits
  • House signs and other architectural salvage
  • Old technology (cameras, gramophones, sewing machines)
  • Vintage clothing
  • Magazines and books
  • Toys
  • Craft supplies (ribbons, antique buttons and the like)
  • Antique packaging
  • Art and 60s kitsch
  • Second hand jewellery and accessories
Being, as they were, individually manned and outdoors, the atmosphere was more relaxed and less intently bargain-hunt based than in Snooper’s. There was chatting, and more of a local/regular visitor vibe to the place. One stand in particular caught my eye, selling silver by weight: this meant that items of no artistic merit or age were cheap, but anything of more interest (such as a 20s cigarette case) were truly bargainious! I eyed up a 70s enamel owl pendant… lovely husband went back and bought it when I wasn’t looking (even though he views owls with suspicion due to their large eyes: 'owls judge, fish don't judge...' hmm). What a nice man he is!

The owl of judgement

For rainy days- and indeed any days you fancy more rummaging, there is also a permanent indoor flea market (click here for Yelp reviews of The North Laine Antique & Flea Market) in the street, so there’s shopping to be done all year round! For details, you can also head to their Facebook page.

On Sunday, we were up bright and early, in spite of a night of the deeply odd dreams only cider-in-the-sun-followed-by-burritos can bring. Off we went to Pease Pottage Giant Boot Sale. A fantastic sale due to its size, facilities and location (just off the M23, en-route from London to Brighton- and next to the service station for post-shopping-Costas n' cake). Pease Pottage has a great variety of boots, the majority being personal stands with attic bric-a-brac. There are also plant stands, food stands, general new goods and even a guitar manufacturer. If you are on the hunt for proper antiques, get in on an 'early bird' ticket at 7am (the princely sum of £1) - but for most of us, the standard 50p gains entry between 8am-2pm and there are plenty of bargains to be had. Their facilities are also good: there's a designated cafe area (with seating) and two blocks of toilets. Parking is ample and free.

From the 70s to the early 50s...
Right. After that I bet you think I was all rummaged out, but no- I managed a haul of some very vintage cooking leaflets (MoF old!) at my local May fair. Then I was all shopped out. But never fear, there is more to tell, and with more fun and frolics into the bargain- two more pubs and a hotel to review, some outfits and more...watch this space!

Late 40s to early 50s: 10 minute recipes is for women busy due to
juggling their war jobs and having husband home! 
Yep, a Ministry Of Food Cut-This-Out-And-Keep slip!
The McDougall's book is advertised in the Good Housekeeping one!
Never mind the owl, the lamb man scares me...


  1. The owl's rather fetching but that Kiwi wielding the lamb is terrifying. xxx

  2. The chocolate book looks interesting x

  3. What a fab market! I really need to go to a decent market soon! The one in our town does the same things every single week! Nothing new! The charity shops keep me sane.

    The owl pendant is rather beautiful - great find! xxx

  4. I would have loved to have been rummaging along there with you.Fun!
    The owl pendant is darling-yaya for His Lordship ebing so magnaminous!
    I'm quite keen on the Cooking with Lea and Perrins leaflet-love the stuff!

  5. Lamb Man is terrifying! Jeepers, he wouldn't make me want to buy that book, no matter how badly I needed to know how to carve and cook lamb.

    Love the pendant. Is he wearing a scarf, or is it meant to be some sort of chest plumage? I really hope it's a scarf.

  6. Hi there-wow, you found some fab finds, the books are great! Love your Owl pendant too xx

  7. Yep, Lamb Man is scary!
    That pendant is so sweet. Owls are everywhere at the moment....though not literally or that would be scary too!
    I'm off to Brighton over the summer so I'm glad to have read this. I haven't been for a year or so and it's only down the road.xxx

  8. Thats the place I was talking about on your other post!! Tis grand!

  9. I love Brighton and the Laines is a perfect shopping and browsing area. I have a friend who lives in Brighton so I love getting the chance to pop in and see her and go wandering in the area.

  10. Great buys - am a sucker for a recipe book m'self. Agree - man on the lamb thing looks like he should have a number under his name and no access to the internet.

    Ali x

  11. My favourite pastime-vintage cookery books.I have massive book envy now:(


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