Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Poet's Corner

Ha ha. That's a little West London pun for y'all. Just a quick little post on a cause very close to my heart, promoting poetry in performance. I do write a little myself (sadly, due to work, I have little time to perform now; so unfair- why can't I just blog, write and perform in silks whilst eating magical calorie-free chips and drinking the finest wines?) but today it's all about the very talented James Priestman, of Pitshanger Poets fame:

James is a fantastic local poet, very active in the arts in Ealing and West London. Recent successes include winning first and second place in the Ealing Poetry competition (poems are submitted anonymously, so fair's fair!) run annually by Ealing Arts. James performs at numerous venues, including The Poetry Cafe and Charlie Wrights.

I workshopped with James for a while, a privilege I no long enjoy as I can't attend the Tuesday evening meetings of the Pitshanger Poets. If you write, and can make 8-10pm Tuesday at The Questors Theatre, Ealing, I urge you to go. A more supportive and interesting bunch you will not meet! And tell them 'hi' from me...

Righto, I know this is unusually short n' sweet, I'm afraid you'll have to put up with that over the next week or so. I am a part timer, blog-wise, and have such a lot to be getting on with of late that my little keyboard fingers can hardly keep up! But never fear, more Perdita action means more reviews and recommendations for the ole' blog, next time my social life takes its next inevitable slump. See ya round, yeah?


  1. I'm an Ealing gal, don't live round there any more though otherwise I would have dropped by this. x

  2. Oh brilliant stuff, what a shame I live in the cultural wasteland that is the West Midlands. You do it yourself? Any chance of you posting some of your stuff, pretty please?
    The only chance I get to see this is at festivals. xxxx

  3. Hi there-sounds like this will be a really great evening, hope you have a nice weekend too my dear xx


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