Sunday, 6 February 2011

Outfit post: a tough chick in a man's world!

Enjoy it while it lasts, I'm not really massive on outfit posts (I don't have a charming sartorial 'theme' as regular readers know) but I just had to post my superb bargain suit, which arrived yesterday.

Bonus! Although sold (for all of 99p) as 'unlined' and 'home made', the jacket was lined and it was hand made in the UK, not home made. Hurrah, washing instructions. One thing did strike me though- it's 40s revival from the 80s/70s, but it is definitely more retro than vintage to my mind. This isn't really a bad thing at all, as I love the 70s, the 80s and more to the point, this flashed into my mind:

Love it! Now I just have to get my twinnie her own 'tough chick trying to be a lady in a man's world' outfit and we can go and fight crime. Lord Florizel was most enthused, but that might be because he likes to don his crombie and a cream shirt and play cops too:

Which might explain the 'high' quality of these outfit shots, he kept leaping over the coffee table, rolling with the camera and shouting 'you're going daaahn', 'pull the other one it's got bells on' and 'ees got a shootah!':

Tough Lady In A Man's World has one of those trendy 'quick' cook books.
She's tough but her man gotta eat.

DCI Florizel is a man's man. He don't care about showing dirty mugs or Primarni bags
full of recycling: like it or lump in sunshine. Now where's me tea, luv?


  1. Ha ha great post, I can just imagine you hauling some crims over your Capri bonnet!! What a bargain that suit was, and the perfect fit!

  2. It was amazing- the seller said is was an odd size for an 8-10 and might fit a size 6, I was a bit worried but it fits a modern 8-10 (with a big bum) just fine!

  3. Fab suit, love it with the boots, I had a similar one and loved it!!!

  4. Gorgeous suit, I remember having one similiar back in the 1980's. It fits you perfectly. I love your hair, shame we don't get to see the face, although the recipe book is rather marvellous. xxx

  5. VV- thanks kindly lady! Am nervous about face showing as my job requires me to role model (ie no booze and so forth) plus I would be mortified by a mean comment off a tweenager!

    Paperdoll- thanks. The boots were His Lordship's idea. Maybe he's a bit more metrosexual than his Regan persona would like!

  6. fecking lunacy!!hahahaha-love the outfit,seriously cool shit! Cagney & Lacey were hot! Love the book over the face,although I bet your quite foxy.....woof!

  7. love Cagney and Lacey..that outfit is gorgeous on you mi us your lovely face amor.

  8. Wow, it looks fab and what a bargain. And hurrah for the lining!


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