Sunday, 20 February 2011

My big fat 60s dressing table

Oh, and it is big and fat. It took four people to get the darn thing out of my gran's lock-up and into our flat, but I was having it whether it ruined our backs (and the suspension in Florizel's dad's mate's van...) or not. Oh, and it wouldn't have been the same without the two matching wardrobes. (Big eyes, butter-wouldn't-melt-smile etc'. Three companions crumble under my persuasive skills. Suckers).

Ages ago Penny Dreadful posted about the glamour of dressing tables and the componants of a dressing table, and much as I love the notorious B-I-G-Plan, I couldn't take a picture because it was an utter mess. Seriously- I'd managed to spill half a bottle of foundation over it and it looked like the lost graveyard of the bent-out bobbypins. Well, I was giving it a bit of a tidy and polish today and actually remembered to take a photo. It isn't fabulously grand and luxurious, but it is practical, vintage and has a giant mirror with a clip-on Elmo attached.

Let's face it, there's nothing a blog lover loves more than having a good nose at someone else's stuff (ignore the windolene smears on the mirror, thankyouplease):

Note the glamour of my boudoir, currently being used to dry shirts.
And yes, I am wearing a poncho: like a dressing gown, but more Spaghetti-Western.
Everything in the right box, basket or bag. Except for pretty bottles.
And on a related note (even linking with another of Penny Dreadful's furniture posts), during the tidy I was sorting my summer/winter clothes between my wardrobe proper and my clothing rail in the 'spare mattress and other spare stuff' corner of our flat. This is because something happened to my clothing rail in the middle of the night on Saturday, and scared the poop out of me. Can you guess what happened from the tiny clue in the picture, boys and girls? Can you guess whether it's likely to happen again soon?

Clothing rail has been at the gin. I blame the floral prom dress.
Peer pressure.


  1. It's lovely to have a dressing table. I have an old 20's/30's one that I bought on Ebay years ago. I got fed up with dropping make up all over the floor and never being able to find anything.

    There's a great place in Holloway Road that does really strong industrial rails if you've overloaded yours.

    Have a great evening xx

  2. You want to keep that clothes rack off the gin, it'll be going off the rails...boom boom!
    I remember having a white melamine dresser like that back in the early 1970's, it wasn't glam but man was it sturdy? In fact it's still at my Dad's.

  3. Well, Vix, based on my recent clothes rail experience I'll take sturdy over glam every time! I like my furniture like I like my men: well built, over 30 and handy in the bedroom.

  4. Perdita, this a lovely place to get dress and put on your makeup!

  5. God damn what is it with furnature hitting the bottle, my dressing table has half its draw fronts fallen off and the ones that are left hanging on for dear life! I wish it would sober up as all my crap keeps falling all over the floor!

  6. Great dressing table, but I love the little Elmo best! Hope your rail manages to stay put. :-)

  7. It's so nice to have a dressing table isn't it? Yours looks super organised I have to say, I haven't taken a pic of mine yet!

    I have an industrial clothes rail, otherwise I know it would collapse!

  8. A dressing table.. my dream.... When I was a teenager I had a vintage one from our the 90year old neighbour - unfortunately due to family circumstances it's not in our possession anymore.
    And my flat now is so teeny, there's no room for one. But one day! A dream!

  9. Oops, I meant to comment on this yesterday but Explorer crashed and because it wasn't in my reader anymroe I forgot. Collapsing clothes rails are a pain in the bum, aren't they. I am going to invest in a proper shelving system soon.

    Which pub do you normally go to on Parkway? The Spreadeagle is Mr D's fave, but we went to the Earl of Camden on Sunday which I much preferred x

  10. The Spreadeagle - haven't tried the Earl Of Camden, will do next time, thanks for the tip!


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