Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Haul, By Ms Glitz & Ms Tweed

I wasn't going to post today, however I accidentally went charity shopping after the landlady left (I went out to buy a 4-pack of bog roll and a can of kidney beans).

It didn't even start that well. There was an 'uh oh' moment in RSPCA when I overheard a young volunteer explaining to an older volunteer what a Burberry Shearling was, how much they fetch on ebay and why this size would be in demand and they could put it in the window for £50 (which is a bargain, just not my kinda bargain!)... The danger of London charity shopping: enthusiasts like us get involved, start volunteering and highlight trends, designers and vintage. Thus the prices go up to (because they check) a sliver less than the ebay average. But of course, it does all go to charity in the end so you can't blame them, it's a good cause.

My finds:

A brand new River Island tunic/dress. Could be styled modern or in a Deco style, as it has geometric beading at the shoulders, and is gathered low at the front under the bust. Stretchy velvet, but not too tight, ideal for all-day elegance such as a wedding or day out. I might use it for Vintage at...(London -was Goodwood) this year as they have a 20s focus on one day. There's nothing worse than fancy-dress 20s, this is a far more understated nod to the look, and in a lovely teal which works for we gingers. £8.50 in Barnardos, but BNWT and was £40 a couple of months ago (this year's tags):

A 1970s (I'm guessing by label look- Susan Barry W1, style and 'made in England' label) lined tweed skirt. I checked the web and Susan Barry stuff is listed as 70s/early 80s, and usually goes for £30 or so. I got mine from the RSPCA for £3.50: result! It has a lovely multi-colour weave to it, making it easy to match up with tops and shoes. I also like the slightly uitility-style single pleat: it's that 70s-meets-40s look again. Time for another adventure with 'Tough Chick In a Man's World':

I found His Lordship a 1980s gold plated Dunhill lighter for £3 in the RSPCA. It works perfectly and he has been looking for one on Ebay (he collects tobacciana) where they're going for up to £40. As luck would have it a gold-tone cigarette case he bought off the Ebay also arrived today, they look like a matching set.

And of course I indulged my dirty habit (£2.50 for both, RSPCA):

And now I'm off to cook up some spicy mince, but not, in spite of St Michael's 80s enthuses, in the microwave...


  1. Bargains galore! That dress is a gorgeous colour, isn't it? I bet Lord Florizel is thrilled with the lighter, Jon loves retro smoking paraphenalia.
    My local chazzas are so cheap that when I buy stuff I insist on them taking more money. Living in a very down-at-heel town it's often the better-off people that buy from charity shops, the genuinely poor think there's a stigma attached to having to buy second-hand clothes and favour Asda or Primark. xxx

  2. Yeah it's something we forget: bargain hunting isn't a 'hobby' if you can't afford anything except bargains. There's no fun then.

  3. hi hun, nice to meet you. Thanks for your comment on my Radio City post - but argghh I had to repost it and I lost your comment subsequently. Would love if you revisit again.xx

  4. The blue is amazing, I love it.

    I'm sure my mum had that 80's micro cookbook, in fact I'm pretty sure she still has it someplace.

  5. That lighter is the best. I tried to buy Mr D a vintage cigarette case for Christmas but it didn't fit modern cigarettes :(

  6. Lovely skirt. Dirty habit - buying cookery books or cooking in the microwave?! Hehe

  7. You have just reminded me - i need to find my cig case :)

    20's on one day at Vintage? You are more in the know than I. Does anyone know when tickets are out?

  8. Sorry - forgot to say - good finds!

  9. Follow vintage at goodwood (even though it isn't anymore) on facebook, snippets of info pop up daily!

  10. The lighter is a brilliant find! I love the dress too, the colour will be gorgeous on you xx

  11. Stunning dress, such a wonderful colour. x


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