Saturday, 1 January 2011

The lady is a tramp (sometimes)

It's all in the name, really. For those of you who don't know who Perdita is, wiki it here. It's a metaphor, innit.

I have always been in admiration of those people (especially fashion and vintage bloggers) who have an unshakable style, be it permanently 40s or pure designer. That just isn't me; I am (and always have been) a person of contrast. Let me be quite plain- I am not venting any 'I'm veery deep, mysterious and complicated' nonsense. I simply find that in life I tend to warp into either one or other style-persona depending on my mood or the situation. There are two and they are pretty defined (see below). Sometimes, out in blog land this can be a bit downheartening; when 'about me' often seems perfectly focused and clear-cut (and in some cases- although not those of the blogs I follow- a tad obsessive and holier-than-thou) - knowing that I switch styles from time to time makes me feel a bit like an interloper and a charlatan. Or, if I'm in a better mood, a bit like Dr Who or an adventurer through Fashion-Quantum-Leap. Or a poor, less famous, looks-a-bit-like-Stacy-Slater version of Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.

Sensible, knee length tailoring.

Rather odd motercycle top, but I like it.
Anyway, as I'm in my third, secret shame 'sartorial zone' (the one in which I wear PJs all day- as in, a clean, pressed, pretty pair of daytime PJs. It's a statement against going out or doing anything constructive- nothing to do with last night being New Year's, I assure you...) I will randomly post some images that sum up my good twin/evil twin fashion thing. Which do you prefer? (Hint: Urban DaDa-ist Perdita doesn't care, but Princess Perdita will go and cry and throw some crockery in a dainty fit of pique. Mind you, Urban DaDa-ist Perdita throws plates anyway, cuz that's the way she rolls).

Princess Perdita

With an interest in mid-20th century fashion and good quality modern clothing, she tends towards either the clearly tailored look or a rather 'floaty' whimsical style. She has an operational understanding of etiquette, and is well able to sensibly go to work then cook, clean and run a home (not that she always does so, as an air of elegant disorder can a alluring provided it doesn't stray into Havisham territory). Reads wedding blogs, takes photographs of flowers in misty gardens and trawls charity shops, craft fairs and designer sales (when they aren't crowded), on the other hand, organises things neatly in folders and likes to run a tight ship and work. Has said 'spit-spot' without irony on more than one occasion. She reads vintage Vogues, National Geographic, classic novels and takes guilty pleasure in Agatha Christie. Would be prissy were it not for the fact she can be ever-so-slightly Scarlet OHara or Verucca Salt on an off day, although attempts Mary Poppins on a good one.

My wedding dress is very like the one on the right!

Perdita The Urban DaDa-ist

Has no time for good taste or dressing according to age, situation, interests etc'. Likes glitter, Hello Kitty and extreme Kawaii and 70s sportswear. Has recently gotten into dressing a bit like a cowgirl. Her imagination is a strange mash-up of 80s girls' plastic toys, Gwen Stefani, Goth, Bromwell High (youtube it), Modern Toss, Adidas, Irregular Choice and The Sweeny. She particularly enjoys looking slightly incongruous, not to make a point, just because it is funny.

Am I alone in my fashion confusion? Will my clothing rail survive recent onslaughts and attempts to organise it? Will the boy wonder make me a cup of tea without prompting? Tune in soon, Perdita-fans. It can only go uphill from here...


  1. Perdita, you rock! This post is brilliant. I must say I'm more of an Urban Dada-ist simply because I despise good taste and age-appropriate dressing. Embrace all that is tacky and glittery, that's what I say plus those boots are to die for.
    Wishing you loads of love for 2011 and am coverting your Wimpy, I didn't think we still had them in the UK although I've been to one in Mumbai.Ahhh...spicy beanburgers. xxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm with Vix!! Tack & glitter all the way!! And I'm also gagging for those boots!
    Happy New Year,baby!!

  3. I'm so glad that someone else 'gets' the whole idea of getting up and getting 'dressed' into nice clean pjs. I think my post man think I have some serious illness or something and that's why I only wear pjs. No Mr Postman, I've got up, put clean pjs on and am ready for a day of staying in. x

  4. Tack is just so 2011, I'm glittering it up to the max this year ladies!

  5. I am constantly changing my look apart from PJ's which are my favourite clothes item! Enjoyed this post and learning a little bit more about you! :-)

  6. I have a whole section of vintage and modern nightgowns and pyjamas in my wardrobe. I love to not get dressed!

    Loving your list. I agree with Vix, those boots are something else! xx


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