Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Craft Addiction

Just a quickie today... I'm loving the whole 'making things' aspect of life right now. Bit poor, cold outside, darts or Hollyoaks on the telly - I can't think why!

I wanted to let you know about my favourite craft site CUT OUT AND KEEP - simply marvellous. It's like a crafty jumble sale, with a kaleidoscope of community-posted projects. They vary wildly in time and complexity from a 5 minute cake to furniture re-cons, and in skill level from basic nail-art to tailoring a burlesque outfit.

If, like me, you have a house full of bits and bobs, lots of make-up and a reasonably well stocked kitchen, it really does bring back the days of 'rainy day' junk modelling and going mad with the pritt stick.

From nurturestore.co.uk  ...seriously, it's better than what I could make.

Right, let's check out some of my faves (click on the pics, unless- because my computer is cheeky- the link is actually the caption. Ah, you'll get through just give it a click):

Marshmallow Village by Meaghan M- just TOO cute. And Edible. I am Perdzilla raaa!

Purple Bleached Pants (trousers, not knickers, fellow Brits) by Twizzy

Mint-choc-chip brownies by KMOM14...why wait for St. Patrick's Day?

Flying heart keyholder by Jet H...love!!

Audrey Kitching's heart hat- need I say more?
 And now for some tasteful and ladylike 'makes'... there's a LOT of great customisation ideas on here, most are really effective:

DIY Miu Miu Sparrow Shoes by Stacie G

T-Shirt Shrug by EVEnl - from drab to fab, I've made several for hols!

40s Turban (our of an old T-shirt!) by Judith L- so vintage, so classic, so this year, so make it!

Darling fascinator by... moi! (Yes, it was for part of my Bridal party).

Marvellous stuff. Having said that, thankfully something decent has appeared on the box (BBC4 - The Baroque) so I shall be painting glasses whilst being suitably inspired!

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  1. Oooh! How inspiring! I need a project to liven up these dark, crap-telly nights! xxx


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