Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Check It Out!

I had my shopping mojo back this weekend. There were several items I just could not find in the sales - although I had a major win with some VW Melissas for £39 (Bond St Fenwicks, I thank you) I was just too tired to do the usual rummaging.

Sneaky bargain shoe shot

Anyway, the main items I needed wanted were (in most particular detail):
-A non-black pencil skirt which would go with most things and would have something of a wiggle skirt about it, but a little tougher. Must work for indie and vintage looks.
-A winter maxi or midi which could be worn for work with ankle high black boots, high narrow waist and plenty of flare. The whole 'tough 70s lady investigator' vibe would be helpful. Not plain.
-Something that feels like trainers, but looks like little fur-collared boots. Slightly 40s vibe, but with an edge of urban. Brown, with some black.

These are the peculiarities of my needs. Well, at least I stand out in the crowd...but finding these things with my limited dressmaking and zero shoemaking skills was looking like a tall order. However, I ventured out to a local high street I had long neglected (but which, in my younger days, was the place to go for charity shops, Mark 1 and the ever-classy Lemon Juice - a shop which conveyed skirts which purported to be suitable for school but which would inevitably get you sent home to change).

I went to buy a sideboard (which I got too! Charity shop too, naturally). I came away with these:

Mad Tartan 90s pencil skirt:
not nearly-new, not vintage,
but definitely fun.

...and designer. I lusted
after one of these as a
young woman!
And her grown-up sister
came along too! I think
this is 80s and American.
And the boots? Not to be found in a Chazza shop I'm afraid, but a sale for £8. Whereupon the canvas bag I use for Saturday shopping was literally full, and I had to go and meet the husband for a congratulatory pint.

Had any charity bargains later?


  1. Found a 30's mirror today, the wide octaganal(?) sort for £7.95. Bargain! Love your finds! X

  2. I love the specific nature of your shopping list - mine get like that - very particular. Keeps you focused though.

    My local chazzas have been poor recently, but I did score a rather amazing vintage crochet cardigan off ebay. Got the right amount of tassles and boho that I was (specifically) looking for

  3. I had two pairs of tartan trousers when they were "in" in the 90s. How I loved them so! Your skirt is fab, my 90s self envies you! Oh, and HUGE score on the VW Mel's - been looking for a bargain pair myself but still looking....

  4. Well done on bagging such a bargain!


  5. I still have a thing for tartan left over from the 90's when I was always in mini-kilts and also from when I was a little kid and my Mum always dressed me in kilts and rollneck jumpers. Mind I HATE rollneck jumpers now, weird..... Anyway! well done on your fab finds.

  6. Great scores I find myself looking for specific items to fill out my wardrobe. I love the shoes!!!

  7. I do love me a good tartan skirt x

  8. Hi! you've did lovely bargains!

    Great post!

    Hugs from Brazil!

  9. Ooh, I really need (or, rather, want) a bit of Moschino, but it eludes me. Lovely skirt! x

  10. Great bargains!!
    So jealous of your melissa babies.
    Want to see them in the day time.
    I need more tartan clothes.


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