Monday, 9 January 2012

Avon Little Red Dress Lipstick

Before Christmas, I was browsing through the Avon catalogue in search of stocking fillers when I came across a new lipstick; Little Red Dress. I wish I could say something clever about style or outfit planning went through my head, actually I just thought 'oooh money off' and ordered it on the introductory price of £5.

I went for Red 2000, a very classic, somewhat matte red. It packs a punch (I must say, the colour on the website doesn't do it justice- in 'traditional' catalogues the colour is far truer - it has always been this variation which has irritated me with Avon, but I did think red would be safe).

The lipstick itself comes in a smart red tube. Although made of standard high-street-lipstick-plastic, the case has accents of metal and a subtle sheen of glitter. More importantly, it is sturdy enough for handbag carriage. It is clear this is marketed at the 'top end' of Avon, rather than teenagers after cream blusher and sparkle lipgloss - it says 'proper grown up lipstick' from a mile off.

The colour of Red 2000 is very, very red. Pillar box. It suits me (I have pale, warm colouring) and I think it would suit anyone who is prepared to be bold with colour. In the same way as black eyeliner or mascara can be turned to many skintones and styles, so can a very classic, mid-toned red like this. But it is very red. They have since expanded their range to include a wine red (Vino Royale- what a '70s luxe' name!), a brown (Bronze Treasure- is that a euphemism?) and a pink (Pout... nope, just pout). I am considering the pink and wine red for daywear, but it being January, My current finances oblige me to just consider them, whilst eating endless cans of baked beans, kidney beans, lentils and nowt else in a vain attempt to replenish my financial powers and waistline after Christmas.

Texture wise, I found it extremely nostalgic. I was transported back to the 90s, a time before 'sheer' or 'lightweight'. A time of matte. One thing this lippy will do is look terrible if you have dry lips - it isn't a balm (surely you have your little Body Shop balm pot, oh 90s child?), it's there for one thing and one thing alone. Apply. Blot. Apply again. Old school. If you balm up first then apply after a couple of minutes, you're set.

...Set for the day. I kid you not - over the festive period I applied this before a temperate and sensible day's adventures with my sober compatriot the mysterious Lilac Lady. A few hours later, I staggered in, a little...overtired...and retired to bed without removing my make-up. Naughty naughty! But what I discovered was this; the next day I was still wearing lipstick. Even after the finest cuisine Wetherspoons had to offer and a night imbibing several pints of what had once been apple juice. Now that is staying power.

So the choice is simple, really: do you want light and comfortable, or perma-matte? I for one feel rather comfortable with the traditional texture. I'm not sure if I will come summer though. Still, it's currently on offer for £ who knows...I might get my Vino Royale on...


  1. I have been looking for the perfect lipstick for ages. I think I do prefer the old fashioned ones as I usually put some lip gloss over the top and they stay on better.

  2. I used to be an Avon lady and still love their products (not tested on furry bunnies either) I'm currently using their long lasting lippy in Flame Red, great review!! X

  3. Reds are tricky huh it seems we all need the just right one for our complexion. My one and only red is by MAC, I rarely ever wear it but when I do it does not disappoint.
    My boyfriends Mom in high school sold Avon, I had so much of it. I wish I would have kept some of those old cute perfume bottles.

  4. I love the added sparkle.
    I haven't really worn red lipstick since the Eighties. I bet it's fab with your colouring.
    Avon's great, no animal testing and decent return policy. x

  5. I love red, I love it bright, I love it rich and I love it because it always seems to have a power and an energy to it.

  6. I attempted wearing red today (a vague resolution to look more presentable via the power of makeup) and boy2 smeared it across the back of his hand as I removed him from the carseat. I may have to stick to nights out for bright lipstick. That said, the Avon one looks good, although I tend to go for darker red so the Vino Royale might be more me. I have a big mouth and worry I'll look like the Joker (even without boy2's input)

  7. I love all kinds of red lipsticks!
    My mother in law buys me Avon by the buckets. this one looks great.

  8. Love the Red Lipstick.Fabulous. looking great.

    Blue Lipstick


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