Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jingle Belles

I was gonna call this 'silver belles' but I thought it might imply these ladies need their roots touched up. I doubt any of these belles have roots, never mind grey ones. Instead of photos from fashion mags past and present, I am offering you up some links about how I like to dress this season. Like the Gok of Blogs. Give me some mulled wine and I'll start shouting about 'bangers' and being physically inappropriate too. Actually, what I would like to see as an Christmas special on the tellybox is NHJ and Gok V Trinny and Suzanna. It would be like a heroes and villains wrestling match. But enough of my sick mind, here are my top five seasonal style ideas, as robbed off other people who are cleverer than me at this kind of thing.

'My Rules'

Look smart and co-ordinated, even when you're busy-busy-busy. - thanks to Retro Chick's guide.

People will think you're ever so clever and posh. And if you're anything like me, and I do hope not, you'll usually be working, cooking, driving, cleaning and swearing ovr Christmas. And when you're not, you'll be shopping or tipsy. Or sleeping (because Santa only visits if you are really asleep). Never fear! With simple guidelines such as the importance of matching accessories, Retro Chick saves us. Trust me, this works. I have seen her at a bootsale in a muddy Norfolk field after a night in the pub and she still looks trim and sophisticated.

Winter doesn't mean black... embrace colour with La Dama.

Just go with it- what's they worst that can happen?* Christmas always means jewel colours and Quality Street, a welcome feast in the middle of dull winter.

*Unless you are in camo on a secret mission. If you are, may I suggest toning down the sugar pink a little?

Belts. Worth their weight in gold.  Check out Landgirl1980

This is particularly useful for me, as one who feels the cold and can only hold it back with mighty swathes of jumper, lumberjack shirt and coat. Add a belt- immediate smartness and work appropriateness. Yay!

It's never to cold to experiment with a new make-up look - try Alternatively Lovely's collected tutorials.

Even if you're wrapped up against the cold, going to the pub with smokers who will want to sit outside (and insist the tiny, one-light-bulb-powered heater makes it 'just as warm as inside') make up is a simple way to look festive and dressed up. Christmas is a great time of year to experiment with new colours, styles or simply re-focus on eyes or lips (we often rely on one rather than the other, year-round).

Who are your Christmas style influences this year?

PS. If you want to win some accessory wonderfulness this Chrimbo- check out my giveaway before the 20th December!


  1. I think I'm leaning towards a "vintage preppy" look today. Inspired by all those 50's sweater girl films I've been watching. We have snow so have to match my look to my walking boots and jeans! Lol. X

  2. I'm not sure I have any style influences right now. :/ Mainly because it's cold and I'm living in jumpers and hiking boots!

  3. Oh look at Charly rockin that fabulosa coat!
    Thanks for mentionin mi Neapolitan nieve outfit.
    *Unless you are in camo on a secret mission. , Hahahaayy
    You crack me up amor.
    All I been thinking about is gold and Lurex this month.

  4. I can't claim any style currently as I've just come back from helping a toddlers' Christmas party, but for the day itself I'll probably do LBD (but not tight) and lairy tights with stars on them.

  5. I love being comfortable and fabulous on Christmas! I haven't picked out what I will wear, I am a last minuter! Great tips!

  6. When it comes to winter style is sandals and colorful skirts for me. We are blessed to have 70-80 degrees weather here in South Florida and I'm planning on enjoy it to the fullest by dressing as colorful as possible and as summery as possible.
    Happy holidays to you,

  7. haha i like the way you write. so YOU from what I can tell. nice blog

  8. I love all of these ladies style, they all look fabulous. I managed to find a lovely black lace Monsoon dress in the local charity shop which i will be wearing Christmas day. Happy Christmas!


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