Sunday, 9 October 2011

Rockin' Outfit Post

I'm a bit of an 80s rock-chick at heart. Yesterday, the really Autumnal weather hit and it gave me the opportunity to crack out a truly tasteless and inelegant t-shirt and jeans combo. Which rocked.

Excuse the gormless expression

I rediscovered this t-shirt recently after I almost wore it to work by accident. It is clearly inappropriate for work wear, revelling as the design does in biker chicks, strumpetty nakedness and nefarious behaviour. What can I say? Sometimes I do actually get dressed in the dark; I was trying for a 90s Sam Taylor Woodsesque plain-white-t-shirt-and-suit combo. Biker Girls' City Revenge revealed itself- luckily I noticed in the nick-of-time it wasn't plain- slapped me upside the head and reminded me to wear it at the weekend. It would be rude not to. For the record, I did not wear it to work: I wore a plain grey t-shirt, waistcoat and palazzos in the end. How very sensible.

Erm yeah, so I look like a flasher.
I'm trying to show the tacky design with nekkid chicks.

The story behind the said t-shirt is pretty cool. I was out, eating noodles and drinking wine with a chum about two years ago. As we wobbled back to the tube station, I said "Heey look... Debenhamshh hassh forgotten to take their ssshigns in...hic'. Upon closer inspection, they had forgotten to turn their lights off; upon even closer inspection, they were still open. To launch their latest blue cross event they were opening until 11pm and had free bubbly. It was therefore only natural to do some tipsy shopping. The next day, I thought it was all a dream, until I saw there the Debenhams bag with the tacky t-shirt within. Some fools might think I would regret such a purchase - I regret nothing! If anything I wish I had bought more! What a surreal and wonderful night.

If you want some quality and taste, the only posh bit on that outfit is the jacket; Jimmy Choo for H&M, butter-soft leather, a sober, sensible purchase that vetoed any further spending for the next couple of months. But again, totally worth it.

And where did I take my bad-gal self in this get up? I enrolled at the local library and went out for a nice tea with my folks. Because that's the way I roll.


  1. Wow, how awesome are your curves in that teeshirt? Great print, tacky drunken, purchases are the best! x

  2. I love the mix of your naughty-girl tee and that divine jacket. Way to do it.

  3. I like your shopping when drunk story! God knows what I would end up coming home with if I did that! ha ha!

  4. You look hot in t shirt and jeans, does show off your bad ass curves. I would buy everything i dont buy while drunk.

  5. Look at you all rock n roll chick!

    Love that jacket!

  6. I like it, I'd wear it too. Nothing wrong with a little rock-chickery.

  7. Drunken shopping is the best!!! I love this t-shirt and think you are adorable in it. BOW CHICA BOW WOW!!!! I love how you English talk, gormless, I'm gonna use that in a sentence. My best drunken buy was a bullet belt. Cost almost $100 (YIKES!!) and I bought it in NYC years ago and they would not let me wear it on the plane ride home. Luckily I had a friend in NY that took it from me and mailed it. To look at that belt now makes me remember how much fun that whole trip was.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi, Sandy rocks huh!

  8. Hi my dear! What a cute look, I'm all for rock chickery!! xx

  9. Great t shirt. I love shopping after a few glasses of wine. It makes me so much more decisive

  10. Maybe you could invent 'Strumpets for Work' day???

  11. wow!!! so your really an 80's fanatic huh? love the music from that time... i soo love the outfits too, it really rock!!!

    enjoyed your blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


  12. Will give the Bacardi and Dr Pepper a go!


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