Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Cup Runneth Over...

A couple of weeks back I got a rather exciting email from Margaret of Penny Dreadful Vintage. She was having a party in her new boutique and there would be Pimms and cake and clothes and other bloggers...

Squueee and other noises of excitement! Lots of favourite things. Naturally I rushed to my wardrobe to find the most disgracefully low-cut dress I could possibly find. I spent all night having to mouth (in the style of Les Dawson's old lady character mouthing a rude word) Ma-ta-lan when people asked what boutique it came from. Typical high street quality, they'd scrimped a bit on the fabric on the top ha ha!  Still, good enough for the Vintage Mafia, good enough for me. Vain though I am I omitted to take a self-portrait but I am sure the inappropriate cleavage levels are recorded somewhere out in the blogosphere!

Anyway onto the important part: PIMMS.

Landgirl1980 dishing out The Pimms...

The creation of the Pimms was a wonder to behold, with plenty of careful tasting and the addition of more Pimms, bit more Pimms, 'do you think it's weak?' - 'yeah add some more Pimms' etc', at various stages. Omm nommmnom. Charly of Landgirl1980 is a mulittaskin' heroine, she was also doing 40s hairstyling! Blimy. The closest I came to multitasking was eating her yummy carrot scones and drinking the Pimms at the same time.

The Pimms cups were all named, using historical terms for women. Mostly, let's face it, names for ladies-of-the-night. If only I had picked ladies-of-the-night, though... I got a couple of humdingers:

Shrew. Nice.

'Old bag'. Even better! :/

Fellow bloggers with their comedy cups! :)
I met lots of fabulously passionate people, that's one of the nicest things about blogging in the vintage and 'thrifty style' world, the bloggers are all so nice!

It was great to put faces to the blogs I follow, including Vintage-A-Peel, Lady Cherry Loves, Make Do Style, and MyStyle. We all had a good rummage in the fantastic boutique of vintage loveliness, one particular Jean Varon maxi caught our eyes, amazingly it fitted me...! Yay, it has found a good home at chateaux Perdita, along with a corduroy paisley baker-boy cap. Rather less glam-60s fabulous but actually the only thing holding my hung over head together right now so a worthy investment.

Oh, the hats, the bags!! COME TO MAMA!

Small room, big on sequins. A. Maze. Ing.
After shopping, everyone mingled and enjoyed the superb buffet (cheese-and-pickled-onion-on-stick-hedgehogs: natch. My 70s self was in Margot heaven).

Oh, and more Pimms. And then some more Pimms after that... erm, and then we went to the pub. We discussed literature (well, a 70s teenage girl magazine annual) socio-economics (what's that tramp doing to the lads...?) and natural history (Oh look, a three legged dog!). Then my sang along to Dolly Parton using candles as microphones. Hence, here I am now in my oversized man's flannet shirt, corduroy baker-boy hat on (sore) head feeling less fresh than a daisy. I blame His Lordship, personally, he views Supersize The 70s as a genuine lifestyle guide:

The night is young.
Sadly we are too old to be carrying on like this.
A damning visual metaphor.
I narrowly missed a 'Casualty opening sequence'
running downstairs in a maxi and heels.
The final word: superior party bags. Reading materials and delightful little hankies! Oh so cute. And sweets- which, if you look carefully, you'll notice did not survive the can home nibble free:

If you are deeply envious of my Saturday night, and let's face it it was the cool party where the cool kids were, you can recreate some of the magic by mixing yourself a stiff drink, putting some classic cheesy music on the ipod and browsing Penny Dreadful on Etsy. Too many pretty things to buy... fashion drool...


  1. That sounds such a laugh, I wish I'd have been there to meet you all. Those cups are a genius idea and I'm dying to see you modelling the Jean Varon maxi.
    Hope your head's a bit better now. xxx

  2. Looks and sounds brill. I'd love to have been able to come , but twas not to be. It's great when bloggers get together.
    She has a great eye for vintage does Margaret...her etsy shop is rather fab. Can't wait to see you in the dress.

  3. Thanks so much for coming Old Bag, it was so great to meet you at last :) So glad you got a picture of the buffet table, my shots were all rubbish! xx

  4. That looks like the best party - I already have Penny Dreadful vintage bookmarked, bet it was hard to just stop at a frock and a hat...

    Great party bags too

  5. Hi my dear-was fabulous to meet you and you looked amazing both in the Matalan number and the Jean Varon too, both are gorgeous on you!! You managed to capture some fabulous photos too, have a great week ahead!!xxx

  6. that looks like so much fun! i want to have a lovely vintage party now! =)

  7. Was so lovely to meet you, and His Lordship, and that Varon was MADE for you!! xx

  8. looks like you had such a great time, would have loved to have been there, bad timing for me this week :o( Shame looks fab!

  9. I feel quite cross at the fun you've had,the Pimms you've guzzled,the goodies you've bought and the bloggers you've met.
    Quite cross indeed!!
    EEEEK!!! What FUN!!!!
    Gagging to see you in the Varon!!!

  10. Oh that looks fantastic, I wish I could have made it.

    The cups idea is genius, she's a clever one that Margaret and no mistake.

    Happy recovery x

  11. So sad I couldn't make it, but your photos make me feel like I was there what a fab time you all must ahve had xx

  12. T'was a rocking Pimm-tastic parrrrtay!! Your descripion of the pimms mixing is spot on. Fab to mee you poppet!

    ps) I had NO idea that there were so many other bloggettes there who I do not follow - SO sorry that I did not actually say hello. I am RUDE Pimmstress!

  13. Brilliant post. I felt like I was there too. Vix and I are going to visit asap. The Pimms making sounds like myself! xx


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