Monday, 12 September 2016

Five Pound Glamour

Last weekend was my first night away from The Tiny Overlord*. Wah! She's growing up.

However it does represent a milestone in terms of life: a year of trying to balance a baby and work has changed into balancing a little girl and work. And as such, although it is busier in some ways, it is easier in others - she doesn't need mummeh milk in the night anymore, which means parenting can be shared more flexibly.

I'm hoping this will enable me to get back into vintage and thus blogging more regularly. This first night out was a 20s-30s themed night at Harry's Bar in Frinton. It was really nice to catch up with an old friend, get thoroughly impressed/envious of her cottage home and chill by the seaside.

I wore a skirt and top which both together cost just £5! I bought it on Everything Five Pounds, a site I have blogged about before - it's brilliant because it sells old stock from well known shops (so not throwaway stuff, decent clothing) at just £5. The outfit - originally by Boohoo - is a gun metal lace with a pretty scalloped edge. It's lined throughout - it's very fitted and the skirt is nice and long, with a cropped top. This means it is easily adapted for a range of vintage inspired looks; by pulling up the skirt, you get a 60s-does-20s vibe with no midriff on show, or you can wear it as a crop top and maxi for a 90s style --yes I know that's far too young to count as retro-- or indeed break the items up (the skirt is a perfect 50s wiggle with a blouse, and the crop top would go well with velvet flares). It's practical too - machine washable at 30. I can foresee using this outfit a lot, from formal to relaxed nights out. Or rather, using it a bit because I'm hardly a party animal these days. Given that, I might team the skirt with smart knits for work and church!

The thing with bargains is, they aren't really bargains unless they are of good quality and wearable. This outfit ticked both boxes and I'm really pleased with it. Have you had any bargains recently?

*Did. Not. Care. Waved me a cheery hello like I'd popped out to Tesco.


  1. Ooooh, look at you all glammed up! One very yummy mummy. It's good to know you're getting out and about again.

    Bargains? Got a 60s fake-snake handbag in a chazza for £6. I was very pleased with that.

    1. Sounds fab! I had a successful trip to Frinton's charity shops after my night out.


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