Sunday, 31 August 2014

No-Heat Hair Tips & Tutorials

Yup, back again. Not really been anywhere to be honest - hence lack of blog posts! Being of the same measurements as Mr Greedy and having to do a wee every fifteen seconds does not make for exciting around-town journeys.

With it being summer (well, hopefully it will hang on a few more weeks!) one thing that a lot of us have in common is wanting easy, low-fuss hair - often a bit more natural and tousled than in the winter months. I dye my hair red which is notorious for dulling with heat, so am always on the look out for no-heat curls and other easy overnight styles. Here are a few of my most recent online finds...

A time my no-heat curls worked and did not get rained
on. A rarity in Britain.

5) Vogue features celebrity hairdresser George Northwood's advice to wash-and-run summer hair. A natural, beach wavy look for modern styles or 60s-70s hippy chic looks. He recommends keeping hair long and trimmed for this look: I often trim my own hair, and this tutorial is a good starting place:


4) The Youtuber Lilith Moon (who made the video above) has some amazing styles created simply with braiding and clever pinning. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, there are some whimsical romantic looks to be found on her blog here and Youtube channel here.

3)  The easiest way to avoid blow drying your hair every day is ... just not washing it. Unless you have very greasy hair, most people wash every other day or even further apart. This updo by The Cherry Dollface is an easy way to make wild second day hair look chic and neat.

2) So now we get to the top two ... and they're both methods of curling. Now of course we all know how to use foam rollers, bendy rollers and even pin curls. But are there even easier ways - with cheaper kit? Yes indeed! This method for paper towel curls, which I found on Pinterest, works fantastically. I have also used this method with "J cloths" (those blue and white striped cleaning cloths) and they have the same quality of curl and absorbency as paper towels with the advantage of lasting a few uses.


1) The number one is the classic 2-in-1, low cost, low fuss hair. The bun-into-curls. All you need is an old (washed) odd sock: cut the toe off and use the sock to roll your hair into a bun (when slightly damp). Style your fringe or add flowers in the day, and by evening you will have long, loose curls. Or just sleep on it overnight. There is a plethora of tutorials out on Pinterest and other sites, it's a modern classic for a reason. Here's the simplest diagram I found: honestly this is foolproof and works perfectly every time!

From Pinterest board "DIY Clothes"

Well that's my count down of my top 5 heat free styles. Do you have any favourites?
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  1. Some great links here. I often used to rag roll my hair for school discos back in the early 1980s - using dish cloths is a great idea, too. xxx

  2. I have a mesh sausage bought from Boots that achieves a sock bun effect - it has snaps on each end, so you roll your hair around it, then snap it into a doughnut shape. My favourite accessory, though, it my updo pin. No-fuss French pleats every time...


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