Monday, 21 January 2013

Review: LA Colors: Nude Shades

I do like a bit of cheap slap. Not nasty cheap, just 'doesn't matter if I don't use it everyday because it cost under a fiver' cheap. This is mainly down to my adoration of all things glittery (my friend from work bought me a set of glitter eyeliners for Christmas, as apparently I am never to be seen without some glitter). There are just too many shades to be limited. My make-up case is now a large Ikea storage box. However, sometimes from my favourite party brands, I find more sensible purchases...

LA Colors, as the name might suggest, is a Drugstore (i.e. Chemist-shop) brand from America. I have been buying the nail polishes from Beauty Base (a London chain of cut price perfume shops) for some years now. Costing a princely 99p a pop, they're generously sized, last several days and come in an eye popping range of glittery colours. As do the eyeshadows. But as I mentioned before, the products I'm looking at today are a bit more sedate. Their mineral pressed powder in 'fair', lipstick in 'nude' and lip gloss in 'beige delight'.

Don't choke on your tea. Yes, these are nude colours. Remember how much glitter and black metallic slap I rub into my little piggylicious eyes every morning? Nude lippy is something I 'do' quite often in order to avoid looking like The Joker. Even for a vintage purist it's allowed for anything post 60s and quite frankly I have always been more of an eye person anyway.

First up, the powder. It comes in functional packaging which clips shut tightly. You get a mirror and an applicator which is essentially a cosmetics sponge in the pack- slightly bulky for a pressed powder but OK. The texture is very fine- you can use it wet although I have never done this. I have found that by using my usual moisturiser, then concealer under the eyes and then 'buffing in' the dry powder, I get a smooth and slightly 'glowy' finish. At first this concerned me- I quite using powder minerals a few years ago because they would turn patchy and almost crack after a day of going in and out of centrally heated buildings; yuk. Well, here is my face after a day at work with one very quick touch up at lunch time (just a dab), and as you can see the pleasant daytime finish is still there:

The usual 'serious face'.

You can slightly see from the photo that I have heavily lined my eyes, it a kind of grumpy beatnik stylee. This gave me the opportunity to try the lipstick and gloss. Even if you don't wear nudes, I would read on if I were you as they do have a dazzling array of colours so if you like the formula and price, you might be set onto a bargain.

Plain Packaging, but it's secure and leakproof.
Righto, the lippy. Again, the packaging is secure but functional- nothing to write home about and no-one is going to coo with envy when you whip it out of your handbag. The smell is slightly perfumed- not too much (which can be an issue with bargain lipsticks). In terms of texture, I found it creamy and slightly moisturising. I did have to apply my usual Avon lip treatment first, but I always do this in winter. One good habit I've picked up over the years, heheh. If you are a fan of the 60s Twiggy look or a modern Essex/Liverpool 'big eyes, matte lips' style, then the colour will almost certainly be a hit with you; I know I was impressed. It's matte, not pearl, for a start. Also, it has a decent amount of pigment giving smooth long-lasting colour that looks nude and buffed, but not like you've applied Rimmel Hide the Blemish like a 13 year old. Based on this I am definitely going to browse my local beauty base if I have a new outfit and need a reasonably priced lipstick to match precisely. Oh, and as you can see above, it lasted well even with my prohibitively exhaustive coffee regime.

The gloss? A similar story. I would compare the coverage to L'oreal Glam Shine. With this solid 'beige' (pretty much nude) you can wear it alone and still get some colour. Personally it's a little sticky, but by applying just a smidge over the lipstick I got a good effect and comfort. Oh, and they sell glitter versions. Glitter versions I tell you!

LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder: £3.99. LA Colors Lipstick: 99p. LA Colors Lipgloss: 99p.

LA Colors are available from branches of Beauty Base, some EBay Shops and online shops such as The Make Up Bag.

All products bought with my own money and my own make-up addiction, all opinions my own. Thank you please.


  1. I used to like sporting a nude lip when l was a teen, with pressed powder on top for an ultra matte look! Haven't heard of this brand, thanks.

  2. I have couple of lip colors from LA colors and to my surprise they work wonderful. I would love to try more eyeshadows. They seel them here in Dollar stores, I mean here in Canada <3

  3. Hi there-thanks for the review, I will look out for the lippy as I'd like to try this shade. You look great too! xx

  4. Oooh, I love a bargain make up! I'll have to give the reds a try for my red lippy series!


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