Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Somerset Holiday (Pictorial)...

The weather has not been particularly kind, but the cider farms have. Just a swift drop of a few amusing snaps... no vintage effects here, as I'm typing an an amazing little cottage and drinking scrumpy. Just some silly snaps to give you a flavour of our latest adventures!

More detailed travel guide stuff and a full report on our unique little cottage rental upon our return...

Wookey Hole hall of mirrors... honestly, it is!

Cheddar Gorge... leave the expensive tour bus package, the
National Trust walks/views are better and free!

We have chickens. One of them gets fierce and tries to
peck me for bird seed (we are allowed to feed them).

We visited the Somerset Distillery and Cider Farm, and
spotted this fella in an old barrel!

The plants like the rain, at least!

The Bishop's Moat. Apparently he didn't have anything worth nicking,
he just wanted to look 'ard.

There are many Jubilee Swans in Wells this
year... all painted in different styles.

The view from Wells to Glastonbury Tor. Mystical.

The view from atop one of the less famous gorges- near Priddy. Priddy, innit?

In The City Arms - used to be a prison!

More to come... are you going on holibobs this year? If so, where..?


  1. It is such a lovely part of the world! There's a pub we always stop off at on the way back from Glasto in Cheddar which serves the best Ploughman's lunches ever. Enjoy the rest of your hols! xxx

  2. Beautiful - looks like you're having a fab time. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics

    Nikki x

  3. Looks lovely, nice outfit too. We're off to the Lake District soon.

  4. Your hair looks fab in that last shot. You've made me feel quite ashamed, I live not far from all this and I've still never been to Cheddar Gorge!

    My next holiday is to Segovia, a Spanish city with a Roman aqueduct, castle and so on.

  5. Super photos, so impressive. Glad your time is being enjoyed so much. x

  6. Oh my gosh I remember trying to go up Jacob's Ladder my friend and I were gasping and wheezing when this little old man practically galloped past us! I was very ashamed of being so unfit. Didn't stop me going for a cream tea mind!

  7. Looks lovely. It is only just down the road from where I live so don't know why I haven't bothered to visit. I am just back from Camp Bestival nad Weymouth and off to Tenerife at the end of the summer

  8. I once got thoroughly trashed on scrumpy in Somerset!
    Gorgeous county!!! XXX

  9. You were in 'our manor' ... always interesting to see it through a visitors eyes! M x

  10. Nice pictures. Somerset is much nicer if you personally take holidays at their Holiday Rentals Somerset. It would be a holiday that you will never forget.


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