Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Chap Olympiad...

...This year, with added gazebo! Oh yes dear readers, if you have followed me for a year or more you will know of the almighty wash out which occurred last time we Olympiad-ed. Never to be repeated; Retro Chick and Reginald Spleen saved our bacon this year with a new fangled pop-up gazebo thingummyjig! There were marquees available too, but darlings, who wants to struggle with the hoi polloi for a folding chair when one could be in the VIP (Vintage Inebriated Persons') tent?

VIP tent with Lena of VGtL, Penny Dreadful Retro Chick, Reginald Spleen,
Tuppence Ha'penny and Southern Retro.

It was a bit of a pic-nic fest, with everyone bringing foods made by their own fair hands. Or in my case, my husband's own fair hands whilst I wandered off to a bootsale that morning- to be fair I did own up! Now, you're not supposed to bring in booze to the Olympiad, but I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the tea and lemonade we were drinking had a nip of something stronger in there. By the end of the night I had both that sneaking suspicion and a bruised knee, having miscalculated my footing in my high heels (which I'm not supposed to wear) after several fruity drinks (grape, mostly) which I'm not supposed to have too many of on my painkillers. Oh deary me. Reckless to wreck in 24 hours.

In contrast to me, I don't think this man is actually injured.

The events were as daft as ever; umbrella jousting being particularly ludicrous this year. I must admit the major activities seemed to be outfit spotting, 'where did you get that..?' chatting and drinking. Which is the very definition of a good weekend. The outfits were, as ever, marvellous - from VoH and Heyday repro outfits, to perfect mid century vintage, to quirky takes on the tweedy look. All great fun! As ever there were some youngsters with pretend taches on, and, bizarrely, pretend bushy ginger eyebrows (not a good look folks, not a good look).

I went for a kind of whimsical 70s-does-Edwardian Holly Hobbie dress. £3 from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Brighton. I love it when bargain-bin rescues come up classy in the wash...

Note the hair, which actually worked for once!
This lovely photo was taken by Margaret for VGTL.
Oh... and there were some nice gentlemen there who gave out crisps for free and for nothing! I fear I may have eaten my bodyweight in Tyrell's BBQ flavour...

Well, now I just need a year to sober up and plan my outfit for next year!

If you like drinking in tweed, or are gazebo-curious, check out The Chap magazine website or events page for details.


  1. It sounds like a right old laugh and how brilliant to have shelter this year, too! Love your £3 dress, you look gorgeous in it! x

  2. bargain dress and a stunner too, I love the lady in the elegant light green and don't get me started on Tyrells....

  3. Your outfit is lovely! Such a pretty dress! I saw the lady in green with the hat on the Sunday, I loved her outfit! The Tyrolls crisps were an unexpected bonus this year! Was the man who had 'collapsed' in your picture called Craigo? He looks like Sunday's winner! Lovely to 'meet' you through Florrie's festivities!

  4. Looks like you had a ball!! Really like the dress what a bargain find! x

  5. I love 'gazebo curious' as a sexual orientation, it should be on forms!

    I've loved seeing all the pics of the Olympiad, it's obvious from your grin it was a great day x

  6. that dress is fabulous and what a great find. The event sounds marvellous indeed. x

  7. Everything is better with a gazebo.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I love your dress! You and Miss Peelpants make the 70s look so good :D

    The gazebo was definitely a good idea.

  9. T'was a grand day indeed :) And I really loved your dress and brooch :)

  10. Hahaha, I love "VIP tent"!x

  11. Adore your look!! The event looks fun and I love the fancy tent!

  12. wow amazing dress, looks like fun x


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