Monday, 25 June 2012

Aint No Party Like A Retro Party

Helllooo! Apologies for the recent lack of posts. I've been working hard (mid exam season) and haven't really done anything interesting to blog, hence the online absence.
Well Saturday night I did something very blog worthy. Whether you think so or not hahaha! As it's my birthday this week, I threw a party for me and my sister, with a full on 70s buffet. For all the trends and pinterest boards on classy snack stations, you just can't beat a cheesy old retro buffet with cocktails. I combined some older recipes with some modern ones off t'internet, and it went down very well.

Of course, some pictures...

Sweet little fella!
My old university pal brought a cheese-and-pineapple hedgehog. With a face, no less! What a garnish to the buffet that was. We could hardly bear to eat it. It was hard... but we managed - he was spineless by 10pm. Even the vegetarians had a go- for shame!

Cards n' snacks!
Most of my cards involved the themes of outlandish vintage/retro fashions or drinking. I am utterly unsure why. The prize for the most vintagious card goes to Gemma of Retrochick who got me a cupcake card*. We tried to build it into some king of victory roll hairstyle but it kept pinging out. Sigh.

The weather was, thankfully sunny. Guests went outside, mingled... found a brick wall. Did blogger poses...

Bloggers (Me, Tuppence H'apenny & Retro Chick) + a brick wall...
...cannot resist selected blogger poses haha!
Argh! All that was left of my beautiful buffet!
By the end of the night, we were all pooped. Sadly the tidying fairies didn't come in the night, and my Sunday was a far less blogworthy affair indeed. Essentially, cleaning with a bit of a headache. You gotta take the rough with the smooth.

Right, I'm off to watch Alan Partridge the hundredweight of trifle left in the fridge. Which I left there, whole, because I forgot I made it after several cocktails. Oopsie. Still, now I have a giant trifle, and you can't quibble with that.

*Yes, it was a P take! Hehe!


  1. Ahh this looks so fun! I love retro dinner party food, I've got a few old Marks and Spencer dinner party cookbooks from the 70s, they're great to flick through.


  2. Happy Birthday to you and your sis! I am loving your pretty pink dress and 70's theme. I just might try this on my next Birthday.

  3. Slightly off topic but I bought a book about Fanny Cradock the other day as I’m fascinated by the woman…. Anyway you have got to love a bit of retro cookery- I don’t get to do much and to be I shouldn’t be allowed!
    Happy Birthday Miss!

    Tupps x

  4. Ah, trifle, my favourite pudding. You can't beat an old school buffet, it looks like you had a lovely time. Happy birthday. X

  5. So pleased you had a fab time and so sorry I couldn't make it :) Looking HAWT in pink!

  6. Happy birthday! You can't beat retro party food, I love it!

  7. A giant trifle you say? I'll just get my coat.......

  8. Happy Birthday! I love a bit of retro party fare as you well know. Fabulous frockage. x

  9. Happy Birthday and I'm so sorry I wasn't there - it looks like a real lark!

  10. Hope you had a lovely time. It really isn't a retro party without chunks of food on tiny sticks, is it?

  11. Ah fabulous, love the little hedgie. Glad it was a great party, and I'm sorry I couldn't make it. LOVING the pink dress! xx

  12. Authentic preparation this is !

  13. Happy Birthday to you and your sister - love the photos and the pink dress is gorgeous x

  14. I stole a plate of cheese and pineapple from a party once, I love it that much. Happy Birthday!

  15. I love the hedgehog! :) Cheese and pineapple is always a winner!! x

  16. Amor,
    love your pink dress and cure litte hedgehog.


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