Monday, 23 April 2012

Queen For The Day

As it's Shakespeare's birthday, so here's some education for you regarding my name. Perdita is a character in his masterpiece of tragi-comedy 'A Winter's Tale'. It's my favourite play because of the fascinating structural balances and paradoxical elements within the narrative. Also someone gets eaten by a bear. Anyway, Perdita (whose name means 'lost') is left in the woods to die when the king, her dad, gets all paranoid and thinks he's killed her mum, in a posh Jeremy Kyle style scenario. Perdita is discovered by some farmers and grows up assuming she is an everyday Joe Blogs kinda girl. This means she cannot marry her oh-so-posh beaux, boo hoo. But wait! It turns out to be OK; not only is Perdita really a princess but her mum has been alive and well and living in secret all these years. Hurrah. Up until now the only part of this tale with any kind of metaphorical value to my life is the everything about me seems completely normal except my posh other half bit. Sadly.

Pensive Princess
Appropriately enough, it is today that in spite of having been granted the nick-name of 'Comrade' by him indoors (for my love of functional millinery, khaki and slightly lefty politics) my royal heritage has at last been recognised. I have been crowned Queen Of Vintage 92! Representing the 70s, of course.

To be honest I cannot quite believe it, all the other Queens are so fabulous and well respected. Do check out the site whatever your interest in Vintage is (fashion, homeware, thrift or crafting), it has inspiring folk and top tips.


  1. Congratulations to the Queen of Vintage! Interesting post. M x

  2. Congratulations, I am off to check it out now.

  3. Congrats dear that is pretty awesome! I loved the story behind your name! You look great in all the photos they posted too. All hail the Queen!

  4. How very cool - congrats!

    We did The Winter's Tale at A level along with King Lear. "Exit, pursued by a bear", is possibly the best stage direction ever.

  5. Congrats amor!
    Your name story is so cool!
    Perdida means lost in spanish too, ver simlar.
    I been thinking of doing a name story post soon.


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