Thursday, 2 February 2012

ZOMG! A More Exciting-Than-Usual Monday...

Mondays eh? What to do... scrape the ice of the car (if you have a car), get to work, drink bad coffee, work, coffee, bang head on desk, meeting, home, spag bol, TV, brush teeth, zzzz.

But this Monday was different. This Monday was glitzy. Thanks to ReeRee of Rockalily Lipsticks and ZoZo of The London Lipgloss. I eschewed my spag bol and TV for a tube uptown, glamour, meeting lovely bloggers and three cheeky glasses of Merlot.

It was very crowded and rightly so...

Bloggers Everywhere!
The event kicked off with Blogger's Bingo, a game involving finding out about fellow bloggers by filling a grid with a variety of facts about the people you met (for example, 'Find a Twitter whose real name is in their twitter name = @Louiseeeeeeee of Because Wearing Black Looks Mysterious and Jenny of Fancy Dresscapades). There were also a variety of entertaining activities such as The Historical Sauces table of make-up and glamour, crafts, cupcake decoration, hats and wigs to try on and the Tigz Rice popup photo studio (where I ended up with a redder face than the Wonderland wig I was wearing... bit of a flush fail, should have waited a few minutes after venturing out into the cold outside, then back to the very warm interior, before posing!).


The Glamourologist does a stirling job
of managing the crowd...
The night was rounded off by some fantastic prizes, awarded by the ladies themselves, and some Burlesque entertainment, which was raucous good fun. The best type of good fun, natch. Landgirl 1980 and I sat on the bar for a better view, and spotted a guy across the street look into the pub, do a full double take, shake his head as if he was hallucinating and wander off. Haha, I bet no-one will believe he saw a naked woman and about 200 bloggers cavorting in a pub on a January night! Most amusing.

Prizes. Sadly I won nothing in
spite of my shameless bingo
But, at the end of the day, it was all about the lipstick. The new ZOMG lipstick from Rockalily. I think it's pretty much sold out now but I ordered in advance and wore it the very next day. Unfortunately, looking more blue than red this time as ZOMG it was a cold 7am!

Vintage mohair hat from Poppy Valentine
Lippy from Rockalily: ZOMG!


  1. How fabulous does that night out look? Your hair is bloody amazing and you look so cute in that mohair hat. x

  2. it looks like a fantastic event! Such a party for a lipstick! x

  3. What a brilliant night out! I really really must try out Rockalily lipsticks! I've been on their website many times but haven't purchased yet!!

  4. Ooohh.. that really is a lovely colour!

  5. looks like a packed crazy night!
    I need to try out Rockabilly lipstiks but I'm way too cheapo.
    your hair looks really pretty.

  6. Great blog, looks like you had a good night at the blogger bash. Thanks so much for the mention. I'm glad you had fun trying the wigs on :) Sam xxx


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