Friday, 17 February 2012

Project Perfect

There's been a lot of talk about the language we use to describe ourselves (and others, in some cases, unfortunately) out there in blogland recently. Who knows why, with LFW, the annual January health kicks, the 'gap' trend and so forth... it's been in focus. Which is a good thing; the online community need to find a way to use language to describe things as they are, but bearing others' (and our own) emotions in mind. I'm never one for sugar coating things, but I hate unkindness. Treating people kindly and fairly, through deed, representation and language is trickier than it seems - and treating ourselves kindly and fairly can be even harder.
It happens at an early age and it isn't just with looks - when my kids (the ones I work with, I don't have 25 kids) are reviewing their work, they have to write down three things that went well, and three things to improve. Guess which three they struggle the most with? Even the brightest and most diligent - well, usually, especially the most diligent. Perhaps we confuse hard-earned pride with arrogance, I don't know.

Flaws And All has started a new type of blog post - Project Perfect - to get a bit of this no-nonsense positivity out there into blogland. I think it's a great idea. She basically asks us to post a picture of ourselves we really like. Then, three things we're not so happy with about ourselves but with a twist, how might other people like that feature? And then the tricky part: three things we do like about ourselves. Right, best get on it.

So here is a picture of myself that I like. I like it because of the colours and the style - it reflects the kind of look I enjoy wearing. My hair is perfectly balanced between natural and styled, and falling over one half of my face (which I like) and as a consequence I don't look like The Moon off The Mighty Boosh.

Right- now three things I don't like:

1) I have a round, fat, gormless face no matter how skinny I get. I even have a double chin. On the upside, it does seem like this trait means that I still get asked for ID in Tescos sometimes. Other people might think I'm friendly and approachable (like the opposite of a posh model face) I suppose.

2) My knees look like baby knees, ugh, and they bend backwards a bit. I want knobbly knees. But as I tend to wear maxis and trousers, no-one's the wiser. To be honest I don't think other people would even notice my knees. They are quite good for scaring small kids at parties when they bend backwards!

3) I have hideous dark shadows under my (hooded) eyes and look terrible without make up. The only possible use these have is that if they look really bad, my husband and my mum tend to make me tea and look after me as it means I'm a bit run down. And I'm pretty good at recommending make-up skills and products to friends, which is useful for them.

Now three liked things:

1) I have an ample bosom, but not so big they're unmanageable. Yeah I am that shallow.

2) My eyes change colour depending on how rested and hydrated I am. I come with a free lightshow, how cool is that?

3) My hands are long and elegant and my nails grow easily. Gels or acrylics, you say? Pah. These are all natural baby.

Excuse the messy varnish.
If you'd like to join in with Project Perfect, pop along to Flaws and All to find out more!


  1. Thank you for this! :) I think that your positive about your knees has been the best positive point I have read so far, hahahaha. Amazing xxx

  2. What a great idea! I don't feel very positive about myself at the moment at all so not even sure I have a current picture of me, sad eh? But I can see what other people see positive about me, I just need to remind myself of it!

  3. Love this post my dear, love the honesty in it. The picture of you is beautiful I love the romper you have on and I am super jealous of those gorgeous nails! Three things I like about me:
    My open mind
    My loving heart
    My rainbow sherbet hair :)
    Three things I don't like:
    My temper
    My lack of patience
    My feet, they look like hands, creepy.

  4. This is a great idea! Love your post..... X

  5. That's a really great idea. Unfortunately I couldn't find one photo of myself that I like to post :)

    I think you're really pretty. It's always surprising to find everyone has their own little things they don't like about themselves even if I find them gorgeous!

  6. your nails are amazing and lucky you for being happy with your boobs, ha x

  7. now there is food for thought. I would never say you have a round moon face! I don't see that in the pictures I have seen of you, I know I have one. I also always have a double chin no matter how thin I've been, again, I would not say that of you.
    I hate having my photo taken because I always think I look awful, this post makes me realise I am not feeling the love for myself right now......

  8. I'm the most ridiculously positive person in the world, I can't bear negativity, it's such a draining emotion.
    I love your nails and you're such a pretty girl. That picture of you in your floral jumpsuit is ace, it sums you up perfectly, colourful, sassy and fun. x

  9. You look lovely in this photox xx

  10. Excellent post, I really enjoyed it. That photo of you is stunning and I am in complete awe of your nails which are so impressive!

  11. I love the photograph idea, it makes a lot of sense a promotes self improvement in a more healthy way than we often see it (sadly,)

  12. What positively good idea amor!
    I am more positive about myself since I have been blogging.
    love you and your long nails.
    They look gorgeously fake.

  13. Met you at the Ric Rac on Saturday and have to say I would be hard pushed to find anything neg about you, you are a stunning lass!

    My three negs with a twist are: 1) broked nose but can give 'character' 2) rolls of fat all wobbly on hips and tum but can be very nice to cuddle up to 3) busted veins on legs but great to talk with other old dames about at bus stops as in 'ooh me varis are giving me gip!'

    My three possies are 1) booboids, of course, lived a horribly vexing skinny life without booboids for years and it's so nice to finally get 'the girls' in on the jig. If I go out, they are coming out too ;) 2) Feet, pretty. 3) waist, got one.

    Hurrah! We are ALL beautiful. xxx

  14. Great post - I think we share the round baby-faced 'have you got any ID?' look! Same pluses and minuses on that. I also have the changey eye thing, partly in the light, and partly due to how big my pupils are at the time - there's more brown in the middle and green at the edge.

    I hate my upper arms, not sure I can think of any redeeming points to that, unless they make other people feel happier about their body flaws! My hair is good (when the hairdresser does it)...

  15. I am very envious of your hands. I have children's hands.
    Love wearing maxi dresses too.


  16. Ha ha I get the same thing with my dark eyes, my makes such a fuss, people at work used to think I was about to drop down dead if I hadnt bothered with concealer LOL!


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