Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One Of Those Nosey Tag Things...

Oh yes. Jason over at Jason Shaw's Seafront Diary tagged me in the latest bloggers' tagging game. Here's How it works:

First, you paste in these instructions (or type them in if you use blogger and it messes up):
1) You must post 11 random things about yourself;
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post;
3) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer;
4) Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them;
5) No stuff about 'you're tagged if you're reading this' - legitimately tag people.

I would say, if you want to ignore that last one and dive in, feel free. Likewise of course if (when you've read my tawdry answers) you've been tagged and refuse to do it point blank, refuse away! Not everyone's as daft as me.

Right, first off, my 11 randoms:

1) I really like cheese. It's a long-time obsession of mine,
2) A couple of months ago, I fell onto a Billy bookcase and cut my ear partly off on a sharp corner. My husband stuck it back on again with a plaster and it's OK now. I don't like A&E.
3) I am a member of CAMRA.
4) I like reading historical detective fiction, especially with a Central/Nothern European setting. Genre specific.
5) I can climb through enclosed spaces such as windows with relative ease.
6) I went to drama school, where my final performance involved scaring the sh*t out of people inside a wardrobe.
7) I adore shoes, and hide the excessive quantities under our bed.
8) I was doing what we call 'nail art' in 1996. I still do it today.
9) I worked for Guinness in their London Brewery in their club and conference centre. The swirly pints at the end of the 90s adverts were pulled on my shift. We filmed about twenty, then drank them.
10) I write poems.
11) The worst job I ever had involved scraping dead skin cells and wet cake from inside a steam room after the local WI used it each week.

Jason's questions (tough, these!):

1) What is or was your favourite cartoon character?
It has to be the Muskerhounds. And of them ... well, I have to say on reflection, Porthos had the best time. Hand me roast turkey leg and a flagon of ale! Although Mendoza from Cities of Gold was hawt, and Bender from Futurama is a role model to us all.
2) Coffee or tea?
Coffee. All the way.
3) The best thing you've ever done in your life?
Going to university. As well as being a bit of an achievement in itself, it's where I met good friends and my husband of course, it set me up for a satisfying career and four years of research and creative work was exhilarating. Of course, there was the poverty and cold shared flat. But on the upside, there was beer. And Norwich, forever a fine city.
4) The worst thing you'll ever admit to doing in your life?
When I was a kid we used to climb up into the bins behind this factory near us and take all the 'second' iron-on Nike symbols. We would then iron them onto t-shirts. We got chased by a guard dog one time. Theft AND counterfeit designer goods- tsk tsk. To be honest, I've done worse stuff. But only after Bacardi and thus this is my clearest memory (if you want, as my husband about the JCB incident).
5) How many people will actually answer that question honestly?
OOh I dunno. Possibly none. Where's the Bacardi..?
6) Is there a God?
7) Do you like Brussels sprouts?
Yes. I particularly enjoy them shredded and stir friend them with bacon and nuts, and tossed with buttered warm pasta.
8) Would you lend me £150?
'Would' is the key word here. I have it not. If I had it, knew where you lived and you had a book contract lined up, yes. Sorry, I'm from North London.
9) Would you lend a politician £150?
You have got to be kidding me.
10) Peanut butter or jam?
Jam - I haven't got a sweet tooth, but jam it has to be. PB without it is nothing, nothing I tell you!
11) What is the most memorable place you have ever visited?
When I was about four, we went to Pevensy Bay. I remember the journey, the sun-hat I was bought at the beach, the whole day. This is the furthest back I remember a day out and thus must be the most memorable visit.

OK, now the random questions for you unfortunate victims...

1) What is your favourite flavour of crisps?
2) What is the funniest photo of you that you still own?
3) What would your dream home be?
4) What are you great at? (Keep it clean. Or don't. Whatever)
5) Who (fictional character) would you go to the pub with? (Extension: pint or bender? Why?)
6) Which takeaway is best?
7) Explain your plan for the Zombie Apocalypse.
8) Which terrible, terrible fashion do you secretly kind of hanker after?
9) Tell me your motto.
10) Who is your favourite villain?
11) Describe your favourite pair of shoes.

Aaaand, please check below for tags... tried to vary my blog genres and peeps. Feel free to tag in if you aren't though.

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  1. Ouch! The ear thing sounds horrible!! I'm glad you managed to fit it without stitches!

    Cake and dead skin cells?! Gross!!! Although I did clean a fresh steaming pile of old man crap off a bathroom in a nursing home I used to work in.. it wouldn't have been so bad if the bathroom wasn't sweltering hot!

    LOL at your naughty criminal childhood and mmm to the sound of that sprout, bacon and nut buttery pasta dish!

    Thanks for tagging me! I especially love the zombie apocalypse question!! I better get on with it! xx

  2. Great post, loved learning a bit more about you - i also chuckled muchly over the WI job :o) Scarlett x

  3. What the hell were those WI women up to?!

  4. Thanks. Now I'm going to be singing the theme tune to Dogtanian ALL day. Maybe with a break for Children of the Sun (see your time has just begun...)

  5. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!


  6. Great to know more gossip about you amor.
    especially that cake and dead skin cells job,lol
    oh your poor ear.
    thanks for tagging me..I think.

  7. Well that's one of the best memes I've seen in blogland for many a moon. Really enjoyed (if that's the right word in some cases) your answers and your questions too. I may not be able to do this (lack of time) but I really appreciate you tagging me. I will try and answer your questions at some point even if I don't pass it on. Thank you. x

  8. Nice blog you've got here! =)


  9. You are hilarious! I loved reading this. x

  10. I'm confused, cake in a steam room? Or is that some other kind of cake?!
    Thank's for the tag, I'll have a got at replying when I get time :D

  11. Funny post! How crazy about your ear! I almost lost part of my left pinky finger after cutting apart a roll whilst making sandwiches. I got glue stitches and I healed. The skin cell thing sounds terrible but it sounds like something you can laugh about now!

  12. Re the steam room- it was normal, edible cake. They would smuggle it in (where? In their swimming costumes or towels?) and have a picnick as they steamed in the sports centre I worked at as a teen. They had to put a 'no eating' sign up. It was ONE group of women who went in same time EVERY week so (a) clearly it was them and (b) it was always my shift to clean the room- usually a gross-bit-swift wipe down, but not with the cake crew in there!


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