Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pursuing 2012

As I start to plan my posts for the year ahead, and review those from the year past...

This blog is a hobby and therefore I am in a rather privileged position; I can pretty much blog what I want and when I want. Of course, this being that I have actually published this on t'interweb for people to look at it's really important to me that you, the reader, is getting interesting, quality content (well, by 'quality', sometimes I mean 'drunk and hilarious') - so I've had a review and come up with some more ideas for your entertainment in 2012.

Me being thrifty!
Whilst I've always been adamant this is a thrifty-fun lifestyle blog (as opposed to pretending I am a fashionista or bona-fide vintage pin-up), anyone who reads regularly will know that my interest in alternative and vintage fashion often comes to the fore, and many regular readers (and friends) come from the vintage world. Things can be thrifty, fun and vintage - or thrifty, fun and modern-indie. It depends on my mood and what I have clean in my wardrobe! Therefore, I'm going to continue to add an outfit post here and there and visit vintage events, as well as museums and places of heritage. I don't think this will be controversial. If you know of any events or places you think I should visit, drop me a comment or tweet me on @perditaspursuit.

Culture, innit.
Likewise, pub and restaurant reviews. For some reason I seem to go through phases - possibly because I sometimes run short of cash or time and become incredibly boring, marking assignments and other proper grown-up stuff. Being an experienced blogger of oooohhh, a year and a bit, I now understand the wisdom of scheduling posts. I will try to regulate my reviews, keeping them well priced (with the occasional treat or special offer somewhere smart- Tastecard is my friend) but more importantly regular. No more will you immediately know when I've been paid and/or have no deadlines at work, being bombarded with pints and snide comments on afternoon tea. What I would like is input on any particular venue types you'd like reviews of - I like any nomms!

See how hard I work to bring you pub reviews;
I had to sit less than 200cm from that guy's shell suit jacket.
His Lordship shall continue the odd Nunc Est Bibendum posts. There is nothing I can do to stop him and if he will insist on going through my Stoli like it's 1999 again the least he can do is chuck some copy my way.

He's working hard too. Look at his little face,
full of concentration.
Now, for developments. There are two things I am considering doing more of, but I don't want to be ridiculously diverse. So I'm checking with you guys, would you like to read:
  • More beauty reviews: I did one on Soap & Glory Foundation and one on my Rockalily Lippy. People seemed to like it. Did you? I wear a lot of make up, in several styles. I'm ruthless with value for money.
  • More 'at home' food: I am rubbish at photographing my food. In reality it's quite tasty, not that you can tell by looking. So this will be a learning curve for me. But I do, as many of you know, swot up on cuisine retro and modern - and cooking at home is a wonderful way of getting that thrifty-luxe lifestyle. What would people like? Recipes? Booke reviews? Nunc style information on ingredients?
See? Maybe I should go 70s and amp up the contrast,
then shape all my food bizarrely and cover in aspic...?
Righto, so hit me with some feedback...


  1. I think it's fine for you to be into vintage but not vintage, if that makes are who you are, and you don't need to explain that to anyone. Beauty reviews sound good!

  2. hooray for hard work to bring pub reviews haha oh and also i can´t wait for beaty reviews!
    wish you all the best for 2012 darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  3. I love reading your blog and part of its charm for me is that you are willing to try different types of posts and write about diverse things. I appreciate you asking us what we would like to see and the suggestions you have made above all sound good to me.

  4. I want it all!!!!! Make up reviews, recipes, outfits, whatever you fancy! I must say I checked out the bling you mentioned on my last post, OH my they have some killer skull jewelry that I am now lusting after. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't mind hearing about the local music scene if your into that at all.

    I must say you look pretty hot in this photo, beautiful face and your hair is gorgeous! Looking forward to more of you in 2012!

  5. It's your blog, babe. Whatever you write about is always fun and full of humour. x

  6. Personally I like a diverse blog, with a good mix of subjects,I like to see how other people are putting outfits together too,while keeping their own personality and not being all "cloney". I love reading your stuff, well written and dead funny like!!! X

  7. I like your blog just the way it is! More of the same please :)

  8. I have always read your blog as just "you" - if that makes sense? So - be it a rant about dog poo on the street or a gushing review of a movie - its aaaallllll good :)

  9. I always love to read about food, but I agree it is the personality that makes it good fun to read.

  10. All sounds good to me, I'm not 'into' makeup per se but can appreciate a well written post from those who are, it's all in the delivery.

  11. Beauty reviews is always handy!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  12. I like reading reviews, I also like value for money so I say carry on as you are. This is indeed a lifestyle blog, so lets face it you can write what ever you damn well like! :O)


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