Monday, 21 November 2011

Soap And Glory 'Show Good Face' Review

Warning: this post contains a picture of me without any make up on.

When I found out via The Vintage Mafia and Retrochick that Soap and Glory had started to produce cosmetics, I was super excited. I have always rated their bath and beauty products as straddling perfectly the good value/high performance divide, not to mention the kitsch and comic packaging.

If it's lipstick you're after, Retrochick has reviewed it- it sounds pretty good for daywear so do check the review out. Soap & Glory have a nice, if small, range of nudes and neutrals but there isn't much for those of  you who favour bright lips. I have no need for a new lipstick and am being strict with myself, so only bought a product I was in actual need of, namely foundation. Hence this review will contain an image of my naked face, something only my mother, my husband and the lady who works at the 24hr shop at the local garage have seen in many a year.

Before I start the review I'll give you the lowdown on my skin and what I favour in a foundation, because they are very personal things and one woman's 'light' is another's 'polyfilla'. I usually purchase either Clinique or (when less flush) No7 foundations, and strongly favour a traditional liquid style, with medium coverage. So far, so middle-of-the-road.

I do have rather sallow, pale skin with warm, yellow undertones and unfortunately this often means I am recommended a shade too dark or too pink so it looks like dolly's face paints (one of my media/shopping bugbears- along with 'petite' seeming to mean boyish rather than merely short- is the odd idea that every pale woman has pink, cool skin tones). As for  the state of my skin- well where do I start? It is, in the main, dry and can be sensitive to chemicals and stuff in the air, although luckily not so much to cosmetics and perfumes. The sensitive patches often look red like spots or blotches and really show against the pastry-like background. I have a few fine lines but nothing too noticeable- my major cover-up need is the very pronounced, almost black under-eye shadows. Plenty of water and as much sleep as I can find time for helps keep them from encroaching out onto my cheeks (this is not an exaggeration...they can get that bad) but I have been reliably informed that they will never be gone. So I must hide them. Hence, a smooth medium foundation which will start the job but won't look too caked-on when I use an undereye concealer is a must.

This 'Show Good Face' foundation promises a built-in primer and focus softening beads ('lightscramble lumospheres', indeed) which release throughout the day. Sounds perfect. They also have a classic 'ivory' colour which is pale but not pinky. I am probably the second lightest shade but went for 'the fairest of them all' as I was having a rather grey and pasty day.

First impressions. The outer packaging is typical of Soap & Glory's kitsch style however the inner container is rather boring. Sensible, clean around the nozzle...but boring. Would their trademark pearly white have been that much more expensive to produce?

Here is my morning face. Excuse the hairband with foundation stains on it, disgusting I know.

Yes I have added a soft filter.
There's NO way I would otherwise put this online.
Next, the product on my hand. I thought, 'that's not very inspiring' - then I remembered that to 'awaken' the primer, you are supposed to give it a jolly good shake. Like Orangina, innit. Only less orange, thank goodness! The shaking is rather satisfying, there's a little ballbearing in there that clicks and rattles as it mixes it all together. This gives a much better result.

Me, thankfully, with full slap on. This includes Clinique concealer under the eyes and Max Factor Creme Puff powder to the foundation.

Excuse the funny angle.
It was the only one which got my face in focus.
I was pleased with the smoothness and how long it lasted (all day, including pub, short walk and two hours of vigorous housework). It's very comfortable - no 'mask' feeling here, but something quick drying and smooth-on-the-skin; although to be fair I would definitely expect this for the price (£9.99 when I picked it up in Boots, RRP £11). I asked His Lordship for his verdict- he noted that whilst it isn't cakey, and gave a good colour, you can definitely tell I am wearing foundation. I have no problem with this whatsoever because it is very obvious from colours of eyes and lips that I am wearing make-up most of the time, however this foundation does mention 'dewy' on its packaging which could imply a very natural look. It isn't. They do tell you to use little dots of it, though, so perhaps my dots were too big. Neither do I think it would be ideal for someone with oily skin- I have a feeling it's more a case of TLC than shine control.

Overall, I will be buying this again if it lasts well. The tube is quite small and you only need a little- otherwise, it would bump it from mid-price to pricy simply due to the frequency of forking out a tenner. I shall keep you posted.

From a blog standpoint, please do let me know if you like cosmetic/beauty reviews? They would, of course, be under a tenner products as I am a thrifty so and so, and I promise not to menace y'all with my nekkid moon face unless absolutely artistically necessary and in the best possible taste.


  1. I am a complete make-up junkie so I love reading reviews of new things. This one is excellent by the way. :-)

  2. Great review and I think you look cute bare faced.
    I've never worn foundation. It scares me. x

  3. Really good, indepth review. I find it rare that someone goes into the details about what does and doesn't usually work for them. What suits your face wouldn't suit mine so I appreciate you taking the time to write a useful review!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good product. Nothing makes me happier than when my skin looks good!

  5. I am a makeup whorina - so I have been keeping AWAY from the small bit of Boots that they have - but..... I might have to give this a whirl..

    Fab review.

  6. I love the face cleansers and masks. I'm very suprised they didn't come up with a red lippie though. For a brand with such a retro feel, I think they have missed a trick!

  7. I read about this range on another blog and was really interested. I think the eyeliner looked quite good. Foundation is one of those things I tend to stick with what I know. I agree, it is a shame they don't do an amazing red lipstick, I will have to continue my search.

  8. I am absolutely with you on the packaging. Bo-ring

    I usspect this foundation would make me a greaseball after 2 hours, plus I need the pink undertones!

    I like beauty reviews though!

  9. Great review!
    You look good without make up, i will look for this when i go to boots next. Although i dont really wear foundation.

  10. More reviews please! I found this one very interesting. Have been meaning to try this one out but might not now, I don't really like dewy, thanks for posting!x

  11. I wish they had more Soap and Glory stuff here in Norway! The few things they sell are stupidly expensive.. why oh whyy! hehe
    Miss K

  12. This product sounds great! I'm going to have to try it out!.


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