Monday, 3 October 2011

Me New Kitchen, Me Ole' China

Oh yes, it is here! I can cook again. Behold the wonder:

This is, obviously, just one side of it. The other is just cupboards - this is the business end of things. I have already made delicous noms such as paprika turkey and steak pie, we shall feast like kings until the novelty wears off!

Remember it before?
Naturally, it was a bargain. I actually purchased it from, and had the fitting done through a well known supermarket. Which was just as well, because the gas and electrical stuff that needed doing was vast. The reason it's so cheap is simply you don't get a vast amount of choice with the cabinets and so forth. I don't mind plain cabinets, if they hold my plates. The plainer it is, the more nick-nacks I can get away with. The cheaper it is, the more nick-nacks I can buy with the change!

Chicken finally has a home. He is proud.
As proud as an androgynous egg holster can be.
Having a kitchen to clutter up with nick-nacks as I saw fit meant that on Saturday, after a Friday of working from 7.30am until 9.00pm, I could drag my bones out of bed at 6am and go to the ultra-mega-big car boot sale in Denham. I picked up some funky bargains. Then I came home and realised I was just too tired, so I did the sensible thing and sat around drinking Sol in the sunshine... but of course I photoed my finds.

Art Deco saucer/ashtray. 10p.
Perfect for my Greek Basil.
Tacky 70s mug. What can I say?
It was 10p and lonely, poor ikkle green thing.
Oh, and I splashed the cash a bit on one of those more-antique-than-bootsale stands, as I had only spent 20p (plus £1 for a coffee) I felt justified. I spent a whole £5 on a Stratton compact. Check out why:

Turquoise, gold, little boids all over it.
And how is that for a minty fresh interior?
Never been used I'll bet!
Anyway, I don't know if it's worth any more than a fiver but I like it and £5 is what I would spend on a new compact- or, indeed, more. I have seen them go for a fair amount more than £5 on EBay, too.

Oh, and with the kitchen done, we need only some shelves and the downstairs will look civilised. Which will mean a housewarming party, at which all appropriate and inappropriate behaviour will be blogged. Mwahahahaha!


  1. Congratulations on your new kitchen and imminent housewarming. I'm looking forward to the post about it already! I have a chicken just like yours (though a bit smaller) but I keep chocolates in it rather then eggs.

  2. Oooooo!!! I'm gagging for a new I know is that it needs LOTS of storage,as I have heaps of cooking crap! Congrats!!! Cook like there's no tomorrow!!
    Chook is gorgeous,my mama had one similar! Love that mug,too!

  3. Happy new kitchen! Now you can start getting loads of cool nik naks to fill it with, yay! :)

  4. Wow, looks so cool. Love the green mug.

    Happy cooking.

  5. Always good to have cash left over for nick-nacks! Great job, what a difference. x

  6. YEEHAW! Finally!
    hope to see you baking some cakes amor.
    I love that big chicken and Stratton compact is gorgeous well worth £5. looks in perfect condition. My compact is a bit rusty. I seen rustier compacts being sold for £5 thats why I dont buy them.

  7. *cough.. cough..cough...HOUSE WARMING... cough.. cough.. COUGH!*

    Congrats on the new kitchen my love!

  8. new kitchen!!! great!

  9. looking fab, happy cooking!!!! X

  10. Awww, kitchens are just so bloody important. I'm not even a good cook and I can't cope with a bad one.

    I love that mug, I'd have rescued it too. And the chicken just makes me think of Bread, and now I'm imagining you as Ma Boswell ;)

  11. Certainly worth more than a fiver, well done you. I second Landgirl *cough housewarming* xx

  12. I love your Chicken.

    I think you should have a housewarming, though no doubt I would not be able to come as I do not live near you.

  13. Hi my dear-yes, the Stratton compact was an eagle eyed star buy, gorgeous indeed and well done on your houseware bargains too xxx

  14. Hurrah! It is looking damn fine and not at all supermarket-y. Do you keep walking in and going 'oooh!' whilst stroking it?

  15. I'd love a new kitchen, well actually a new house with a new kitchen in it x

  16. Congrats on your new home, and well done on the bargainous doing up of the kitchen. Who can complain when theres pennies left for knick knacks!?


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