Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Perditabet

I got this idea from The Nearsighted Owl but cannot bring myself to call it 'the A-Z of me' because it's supposed to rhyme and, being from London, I say 'zed' so it wouldn't.

Me. Being lairy at my own wedding.
Check out the size of that Church, Middleton
has nothing on me.
I hope these factets will amuse you... I've put some photos in. Mainly of me. I have a folder called 'photos of me' on my PC, this is purely for blogging purposes - in fact I don't know why it was there for, like, years before I started blogging. I must be psychic in some way.

A. Age: Somewhere in the middle of the 30s. I still get IDed sometimes though, possibly due to my height and shapeless, teenager-drinking-in-a-bus-shelter face; it always happens at the oddest times, like when I'm doing a full obviously adult household shop or when I'm wearing a sharp tweed suit with a name-tag with 'Head of Year 10' on it.
B. Bed size: Plain old double. Apparently I am dangerous in my sleep (my muscles don't 'freeze' properly) and I have been known to just push His Lordship out. While I'm asleep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
C. Chore that you hate: Washing up old washing up. Cold casserole dish soaking water makes me feel sick.
D. Dogs: As a child I was attacked and rolled into the road by a dog, causing me to be almost-squashed by a white van. Consequently I don't like the sound of dogs. I'm OK with seeing most dogs, but the sound of barking or slobbering makes me anxious. I'm OK with vans (unless they have the window wound down as I expect a dog to yap out of the passenger seat at me).

E. Essential start to your day: I must have a shower. Otherwise I feel weird. Not a bath, not a wash: a shower.
F. Favorite color: Peacock blue/green. Leopard print isn't a proper colour, is it?

Me in the Nautilus Bar, Budapest.
Gothy, boozy, steampunky; great bar.
G. Gold or silver: both. Throw in some rubies and diamonds there while you're at it.
H. Height: something I use high heels to fake.
I. Instruments you play: I can sing and play the recorder and flute reasonably. Not that I have for years. I took five years of piano lessons (I was a terrible panto-and-dance brat) but never learned. It turned out I have something similar to dyslexia but with music; I can play by ear but not sight read.
J. Job title: TLR1 Curriculum Development, Year 10 & Lead Teacher (English & Media).
K. Kids: 245 at work, 0 at home.
L. Live: In a house with no kitchen. Soon to have a kitchen.

M. Mother’s name: Rose.
N. Nicknames: Too many to mention, some unpublishable. 'Mady scary', 'Nescafe', 'Anou' and 'Amy Winegum' to name a few. (The last one was when Amy Winehouse was alive and well, my mates aren't that cruel).

O. Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully only as a teeny so I can't remember them. I was a rubbish baby and there was general relief all round when I eventually started to 'thrive' - relief for about five minutes after which I became a hyperactive, angry little ginger child.
P. Pet peeves: Deluded, over-secure people. It can be every bit as limiting to personal growth as insecurity and usually causes a bad case of patronisation.
Q. Quote from a movie: "Never give up and good luck will find you" The Neverending Story.

R. Right or left handed: Right handed, although I'm OK with my left. One of the good things about being a former dancing-piano-playing-brat.

Me and a giant prawn.
I'm the one on the left.
S. Siblings: Twin (not identical: tall, leggy, blonde, tanned) and younger sister (also tall, leggy, blonde, tanned).
T. Time you wake up: 6.15am, which is quite late for me!
U. Underwear: That's rather impertinent really. I am not unusual in my tastes; bra and pants. Of the sturdy variety, one doesn't get to where I am today wearing flimsy undercrackers.
V. Vegetable you hate: Celery and raw tomato. And no, I won't like homegrown all the more, because they taste more tomatoey and celery-y. It's not the blandness I dislike, it's the actual flavour.
W. What makes you run late: Losing make-up, hairbrush or phone in the semi-darkness at 6.30am...
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Head, chest for broken ribs, chest for random chest pains, knee. All bar the head in the last three years. I'm falling apart I tells ya!

Y. Yummy food that you make: I can cook quite a range of food, from pies to Pad Thai. But my kitsch 70s recipes are my favourites.
Z. Zoo animal: Burrowing owls. No contest.

What about you..?

You may go now...
...I need to contemplate.


  1. ooh I like this, I may use if for myself if you don't mind! So interesting :o)

  2. Loved reading this! Made me giggle to myself...Lol! X

  3. Great post! The 'prawn' pic with comment made me laugh! Its nice to know some random facts about fellow bloggers :))

  4. Most informative. My fave bit is the lairy wedding photo though, teehee! xx

  5. Leopard print is totally an acceptable favourite colour...! Might have to pinch (and link).

  6. Nice to see that giant prawn making another appearance!
    Great facts, I love finding more out about you. x

  7. Fab post, I too am tempted to blatently steal the idea!

  8. Brilliant post! You do make me laugh.
    Glad to see the burrowing owl has a mention.
    I am very taken with this idea and I too may have to nick it and pass it on.

  9. I agree with PD - the wedding pic has it. I can hear you saying "Wot? WOT?!!" Ha ha ha.

    Most interesting - I had no clue you are a head of year. Kudos.

  10. Hi my dear-love these facts about you, my middle name is Rose too! I do love the wedding photo of you, too cute!!! xx

  11. You funny loca, love the picture of the lobster and the one of you comtemplating. love to know more cute facts from mi blog amigas.
    I will steal this idea,if you dont mind.

  12. What a lovely idea and what a lovely collection of facts about you. I feel as if we are almost sisters now.

    Have a great weekend, well and whats left of this week too!

  13. I've just done this too. I never thought of leopard print as a colour, but I agree it needs promoting to colour status. Amy Winegum is an swesome nickname!

  14. Awesome, even. Obviously I'm too old for such hyperbole.

  15. Lovely lairy wedding photo - thought about you when watching Educating Essex xx

  16. Well if one cannot be lairy at one's own wedding, when can one? That's a beautiful veil by the way.

  17. Fun post! :) Your top pet-peeve is one of my top ones as well!! I love your wedding photo! So pretty!

  18. What a great idea for a post! I love the picture of you in your wedding dress - are there any more of them on the blog?x


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