Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have been hankering after some fingerless, white lace gloves. I think it's an 80s flare-up (once infected with the 80s, flare-ups can occur throughout life during times of stress and shopping on EBay).

New Gloves! Cute and bargainous.

Actually, on EBay, you do get a bit of a mixed search when you put in white lace gloves. It's a list of three distinct types:
-Kawaii/indie/vintage interest (sounds about right);
-Wedding or First Holy Communion (been there, done that, too expensive);
-Fetishwear (WTF. Not the thing to shop for on your lunchbreak, clicked on what I thought was a nice pair- the shop kept mentioning them coming in an 'unmarked envelope' to hide my shame. Erk. Evidently I am a secret pervert).

In the end, after searching through endless Hong Kong wedding wholesales and kinky bits, I found a little gem of an eBay shop Fairie Tayls Creations. Handmade alternative stuff, here in the UK and at reasonable prices too! My gloves came in at £3.95 with free P&P- bearing in mind they won't be everyday wear, this is the best of both worlds: unique style, low cost. Their dispatch is also extremely swift (as in order one day, get 'em- neatly packaged- the next). Here are some other items from Fairie Tayls that I am sorely tempted on the pic to visit the shop:

In addition to small items like gloves, they have a good range of -again, affordable priced- vintage style repro (stuck for a Swing For Skin dress? Check this one), rockabilly dresses and good ole rock chick stuff with skulls on. I am saving them to my fave seller's list for sure; prudence be damned!

I'm planning on taking my gloves out on some delicate, feminine jaunts- perhaps nommage the secret tea rooms or The Chap Olympiad. One of those rare occasions when I dress tastefully in pastels and frills. Here are some 'hand model' shots. Check out my distinctly un-delicate nail art, what can I say, I'm from Norf Lahndan innit:

Have you had any eBay adventures recently? Ever been alarmed by something popping up from a seemingly innocent search - you can tell me, I won't judge! Or have you discovered a little gem of a seller recently?


  1. Nice pair darlin! As to Ebay weirdness, I just posted about the freakiness that is 'Spirit Dolls' - if you think reborns are bad, you ain't seen nothing yet...

  2. Nice gloves! I was toying with purchasing a similar pair in Claire's today but opted for black satin evening gloves, wil go with the feather adorned headband I got from the garden centre (I kid you not!)X

  3. I made some fingerless ones using doilies gives a more Victorian look than an 80s one tho.

  4. Haven't you got pretty hands?
    I never find any weirdness on eBay, looks like an interesting project for a wet Bank Holiday Monday! xxx

  5. Oooh how pretty!

    The only eBay weirdness I have ever experienced was someone expressing a strange interest in a pair of my old shoes. Clearly having never encountered the gnarly old feet that go inside them.

  6. ha ha, yes I know what you mean about weird stuff! People will pay quite a lot for old smelly trainers....what they do with them one can only imagine!! ha ha! I read an article once in Marie Claire about a woman who made a fortune selling her ahem, worn knickers. Ick!

  7. Ooh, ladylike with a twist! That is you all over ;) xx

  8. Lovely fingerless gloves very stylish xx

  9. Hi my dear-they are fabulous, what a great price too and I love how dainty and posh they look!! xx

  10. I'm sure I looked up something entirely innocent for work the other day and it produced some REALLY bizarre results. It must have shocked me so much that I entirely blanked it out of my brain, because I cannot remember what the item in question actually was.

  11. Gloves are so retro they are the new now, the item of choice for all the fashionably fashioned. I'm glad, I love gloves, I thing the world should wear gloves.

    No really, I do, take Police persons, they look much nicer in the dark uniforms without the garish eye curdling yellow hiviz jerkins on, but with white cotton gloves.

    I think they should wear them all the time.

    Tiss so lovely.

  12. those lace gloves are back in style, classic somethings never go out of style amor.

  13. I had a look the Ebay shop but she's gone on holiday so I'll look later, even though I'm still not spending. I shall content myself with rediscovering my own wardrobe for now.

    I love the gloves, they're fabulous on you xx


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