Thursday, 24 March 2011

'Thoughts from the badly dressed' (A post from His Lordship)

I'm not allowed to shop at the mo', so asked His Lordship to write me something on his shopping exploits. Is shopping a lordy-like (seewhatIdiddere?) exploit? I dunno. But shop he does, sniffin' around for vintage and quality second hand- his latest hunt is for a leather jacket:

Der-di-det-der der-di-dar der-di-dit-der der-di-dar-dar-dar

The proper writer on this blog having made a Lenten sacrifice of all shopping and thus being unable to crow about her latest bargains I’ve been drafted in to describe my latest efforts to buy a new coat. Please bear with me as I am obviously the drinking correspondent and this is a little out of my field.

In short I’ve been looking for a coat one can wear in the rain without smelling like an old sheep – leather then, not tweed. Due to financial embarrassment I turned to the eBay to try and bag a bargain and there was a quite the range to choose from. The initial choices were, of course, colour and style, I swiftly discounted biker jackets for being far too “Bros” and black because as I have a nasty tendency to resemble a member of the CID a dark blouson on me screams “I’m down with the kids now reveal your nefarious conspiracies to me, you slaaag”. Brown it was and so to type: as a man whose views of the world were warped by the eighties there is only way to go and that was Indiana Jones (hence the subhead, try repeating the phonetics above and you’ll see!). Brown leather, when new, does tend to resemble the seats from a vintage Jaguar and so I searched for the most used and generally beaten up examples. The keen eyed reader will note that all the examples given below are in size “large”, the simple reason for this is that I’m a big fat lump, I’m given to understand that these days they even make clothes for the more waif-like chap as well.  

Some examples of my search:

Needs repairs but pleasantly knackered

I’ve not included a link to my actual purchase because firstly I apparently upped my bid in my sleep and paid more than I intended (stupid going to sleep after too much cheap Italian wine, stupid smartphone, stupid somnambulism!) and secondly I’m not sure if it will look any good on but I’m sure you’ll be kept apprised of any laughing mockery when normal service is resumed and her indoors returns to posting doggerel.

Toodle Pip!


  1. I do like the fourth one down best, what a shame you missed out. It reminds me of the one Tyler Durdon wore in Fight Club, which, in my humble opinion, is the perfect leather jacket.
    Your good lady wife must post a picture of the one you managed to bag. x

  2. I tried my hardest to decipher the tune from the dar-dits even before I started reading, but I just didn’t get- I know totally get it, knowing that it’s the Indiana tune! It’s like the ‘what am I tapping’ version- silly game, I never can tell…. Any hoo, I liked the last one, but not at 300 squid- perfection if only it was green, a ladies coat and priced at a pittance. T x

  3. I rather like the one you studpidly missed out on,the Top Gear presenter one-I fancy James May,fyi-and the Gestapo one-ditto Herr Flick.
    I strongly suggest shopping under the influence.It;s a bit like Lucky Dip and quite hilarious!
    O,good going re the "Bros" jackets.UGH.

  4. Only I could spell STUPIDLY wrong.Doh!

  5. Love that brown leather you almost bought. You do have a way with words. just discovered your blog. Rather fun, Perdita!

  6. My very own dapper gentleman owns several leather jackets, one reason why my coats won't fit in the cupboard!!! I like the first one, the third one down is a bit "biggles"though. Lol. x

  7. Hello! Sorry, I thought I was already following your blog, do'h!
    My Other half had the same predicament last year and went for the Battle of Britain/Top Gear presenter one! he he that made me laugh! ;D
    They call him biggles at work.....

  8. Hi there-choosing the 'perfect' leather jacket is so hard, womens or mens!! Will love to see a picture of your one when it arrives. Hope you both have a lovely weekend too.

  9. Hola,
    You two speak the same,must be a riot together.
    the one you may have bought is kool,I like a man in a leather jacket, not top gear one.

  10. Oh what a shame about the one that got away. It's really lovely.

  11. Brilliant post! The one that got away is my favourite. Love the Bros and Sweeney (?) references. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend xx

  12. Lovely posting, Gosh, it's making me want to dig my old leather jacket out of dusty store. I used to love old leather flying jackets, or top gear presenter ones!

  13. Hi Perdita thanks for your comment about copyscape, I just wanted to ask you which version you went for, Im just having a look and some of the options are a bit expensive - but worth it if it works! Thanks for your help Pearl x

  14. Oh no, drinking correspondent, the one that got away was a winner. Fingers crossed ref the actually purchase. I couldn't stop laughing at the Top Gear presenter one!!


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