Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon: Socky Buns, Sticky Buns...

...No cream buns sadly.

A cornucopia of hair cheats today. Yesterday his Lordship took me out to a well known chain of red pseudo-French bistro, I chose a salad, thinking it would be 'light'. It was actually a big pile of chicken, bacon, avocado, mayo and cheese with perhaps one salad leaf in there. Yummy but I could not finish it and was awake all night in between cheese dreams of bizarre proportions.

Now sadly I am undone, and can only stare at YouTube hair and nail tutorials. Many of which I know how to do anyway. So I thought I'd share some of the tutorials I use to style my hair without too much effort, with some  tips etc'. Enjoy...

Day To Day and Modern Cheaty Buns

These are the styles I use for work and day-to-day, I find they work fantastically with both modern and vintage clothing and make-up.

The most simple of sock buns. I always used this method in the past, but time-wise what you gain with the sock you lose with the tidying-up. So easy though, and gives a lovely smooth result.

Here's my favourite way of doing this. Once you have the 'knack' it's super quick. I actually use a tennis wristband folded in half, not a sock (don't worry, I haven't given up on my unhealthy lifestyle, the wristband was left over from a Halloween costume 'nu-rave witch'. It's black and orange, luckily my strange hair disguises it pretty well). If this method ends up messy at the end, a wrap a bandanna or 'scrunchy' round it and it hides any bumps or loose bits:

My other favourite bun style is a stick-bun, indeed I styled my own hair for my wedding using this method (instead of regular sticks I used gold and pearl hatpins made by the jewellery designer Julie Colbeck ) there are several variations on this basic method, visit DieSushiBitch's channel for more. I so wish I had her hair! Rapunzel-like isn't it? ...

I want to try this one with some pretty diamante or floral croc-clips, I think it would go well with a kitsch Hawaii style outfit. Right now I'm at the 'too messy be approximately the right shape' stage. Having quite fine hair, I may get some little girl croc-clips to make it in future:

Very Easy Vintage Stylings

Although I usually play fast-n-loose with my decades and styles, sometimes I want a classic look with appropriate hair. What I don't want to do is collect hair and make a 'rat' (the thought of recycling my dead hair makes me gag a little, to be honest) or spend hours with tongs and rollers. I'm more of a 'curl as you sleep' type o' gal. I wash my hair on set days of the week, in a slightly OCD way- which lends itself well to shape-as-it-dries styles one day, then updos that need day-old hair the next. If you know me and fancy a little experiment, keep a tally of updo and down-do days: you'll be able to work out my routine. And you'll be a little bit geeky and sad, but hey that just offsets the coolness inherent to knowing me: with the Ying must come the Yang. Here are some easy vintage styles and ideas.

First up, a take on an Edwardian style. Even with vintage, very few people dress full Edwardian, but this works well with Victoriana 70s-80s maxis and with 30s style eveningwear. I bind up the 'spare' hair with see-thru ponytail rings before stuffing it in, or it all goes mad and escapes on me:

Right, now for curls. I can't sleep in rollers and my hair dries out very easily so I try not to use heat unless I'm very, very angry with it and it needs to be spanked into shape (I have my mother's hair colour, mainly because when I was 14 I nicked her Nice n Easy out the bathroom cabinet and it suited me, mwhahaha- which might be why my hair is crisp n' dry now, after many years of colour abuse).

I curl my hair with rags. Not doity ole rags, nice clean ones: J cloths to be precise! They're cheap, re-useable and they absorb the water quickly which seems to give a smooth, long-lasting curl. Here's a quick tutorial on the basic method I use but with paper instead of J cloths (yep, i did blatantly choose this one because the bags are Hello Kitty- if you have a plentiful and cheap source of paper bags, I guess they'd work too! In the UK we have placcy ones, not so good)...

And for big, 70s waves, sock-rollin'. Like the gal says, use a clean sock:

And of course, you can't do a Youtube hair tutorial post without mentioning Super Kawaii Mama.  Her hair tutorials and everyday, practical approach to style is refreshing, useful and above all achievable. Here are some of my fave easy styles:

This one is perhaps my most-used. It works, it stays in place, and even if it doesn't look the same every time, it always looks nice:

Next post... how to disguise square eyes after all my YouTube staring?? Hmmm.

What are your favourite simple hair solutions? Link them in your comments and share! :)


  1. There's some excellent links there, I'm bookmarking this to come back to and have fun with at a later date (holiday hair springs to mind).
    I have no tips other than my sock doughnut.
    Today's dress is the one that reminded me of that pretty one you bought recently. have you worn it yet? xxx

  2. great tutorials, love Kawaii Mama.
    I usually wear my hair down with bangs or pin up roll.

  3. I thought of my dress when I saw yours Vix! I haven't been out anywhere grand enough, might wear to this year's Vintage Fest on the South Bank though!

    La Dama- I love your curls and bangs, so luscious in all your photos!

  4. My long hair disappeared due to hormonal fluctuations and now it's woefully short and fine. I can only lust after buns and stuff. I'm toying with the idea of a well match fake on bun though, it's a lovely look.

  5. Hi my dear-yes, great links and fabulous tips for hair-I must admit to being rather lazy with my hair, it generally is a messy updo with a clip and thats it!! Have a great week ahead xxx

  6. Perdita, thanks for this post! I found it funny and educational at the same time!!!!
    I'm now one of your humble followers!!!!!

  7. Thanks for following Ofelia, you are far from humble! It is my blog that's the humble one!

  8. I love Super Kawaii Mama! She makes everything look so easy! I'm going to bookmark this page too! Thanks Perdita! xxx

  9. Brilliant bunch of tutorials. My one recent 'discovery' is pincurls away from the head, my holy grail is curls with serious height and body and, like you, I like to sleep in the set.

    I really don't want to lose much length, but my hair is so heavy I really ought to cut it to the shoulder so that the curls will stay properly :(

  10. Grr, silly computer won't let me view the videos. They sound good though... I shall try again later on tonight.

  11. Ooh I love the tutorials. I shall definitely be trying some as whatever I do to my hair at the moment I still end up looking like something from the 70's.

    I don't know what part of London you live in but my favourite local restaurant A Little of What You Fancy on Kingsland Road does the most amazing salads - all the vegetables are picked that morning from a nearby allotment. If you find yourself east do go and visit. The food is divine. Open for breakfast and lunch, dinner booking essential xx

  12. PS. Blogger has a spam filter on it now. Please take off word verification it's so boring and time consuming. You may get the odd email notification of a comment with spam but it hardly ever appears on the actual post xx


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