Thursday, 10 March 2011

40 Days In The Shopping Wilderness

I decided to give up luxury (as in non-essential) fashion/beauty/lifestyle shopping this lent. Giving up meat or chocolate just doesn't have the same impact what with our varied diets these days (I can get quorn, fake bacon, sugar free sweets...). Far more decadent, to me, is the way I can just use a little plastic card (or some notes in a charity shop or boot fair) and just have whatever I want, when I want it. Opinions are divided as to whether I can manage this for the 40 days. I say yes, everyone else laughs in my face.

Temptations so far (a whole one day in!!):
Distractions so far:
  • I'm off for a patented East Anglian Muskerbeer Weekender, with my trusty companions Ale-amis and Beer-tanian. Dancing a-plenty and good times to be had. I can't quite squeeze exactly how excited this makes me into bloggable language. It sounds kinda like squueeeaauuurrrrlll (very high pitched).

  • How many nipples are there in the National Gallery?
  • I have actually been doing some good deeds and thinking helpful thoughts. Just puttin' it out there, as Stewie Griffen would say.
  • Betty Crocker's (American- the UK one is far smaller) recipe website, and American celeb-chef Paula Deen. Watching Paula Deen and her beloved 'buutttaaahh' during lent is probably sinful, she's a cross between Delia's homespun charm and Nigella's 'it's only ten billion calories'. These beauts are just channelling my perfect 'mad-men' vintage housewife thang. Oh you just know how these combine with my old recipe book obsession.
Given anything up for Lent? Taken anything on for Lent? Just purchased something and wanna taunt me with the fact... please chip in! In the meanwhile, the Muskerhounds can sing us out (if you see/hear this song coming from three women - one kooky, one classic Audrey H, one fashion-forward and rrrock... run. Just run and don't stop. Think of the children!). Allllll together now:

If you fill each day with fun, think how it could be!


  1. Oh you're brave! I'm giving up buying books for March but nothing for Lent - the book thing will be enough of a struggle for me. I am a complete addict.

  2. Hi my dear-very best of luck, I'm not as brave or bold I'm afraid!! xxx

  3. Snap!!! I have the Soho Brights as well...droolworthy colours and I'm amazed at how long they last.

    And thank you for posting one of my favourite childrens tv themes ;)

    I'm a thoroughly lapsed Catholic so I'm still eating chocolate and biscuits. I am, however, permanently being 'good' with money due to life issues so I will just continue to do so...


  4. Best of luck with your challenge. I have not given anything up for lent but I have given up alcohol during March. It is very hard!

  5. Ay, good luck amor!
    I am struggling with giving up the sugar..made me feel more tired today.
    also having a hard time with not shopping,oh well.
    Besame make up is the best.
    your always so cute and funny.

  6. Now the naughty thing about this Perdita, is that you just provided the links of all the things that have been tempting you, thus tempting others! Luckily I don't believe in Lent ;) x

  7. No point in torturing yourself. Best of luck :)

  8. No chance, I've already given up too much!

  9. That's actually a clever thing to do. I don't know what to give up for lent yet but maybe that too - shopping!



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  10. Just realised I may have made a schoolgirl error by not stocking up on hairspray and mascara. Hmmm. How to cope if I run out...?

  11. 40 days with no shopping! That has got to be dangerous!
    Irregular Choice shoes are always so gorgeous!
    I bought a few of the BeautyUK palettes for an international makeup swap that I did with a follower from America. The colours are great for the little price tag!

    Good luck with your lenting madness! xxx

  12. I wouldn't even attempt it, mind you I'm an out and out atheist and don't even celebrate Xmas.
    Good luck! xxx

  13. Perdita, you are an inspiration, I couldn't do it!!!!
    I'm giving up Nothing (I know bad, bad roman catholic)!!!!


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