Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More kitsch than chic

Inspired by Penny Dreadful's recent tacky outfit post. Her tacky outfit was very stylish indeed and I offered an insight into the tragic world of a real tackmonster like myself. It ain't big and it ain't pretty (well, actually my wardrobe is big, but...).

As regular readers well know, I love a bit of kitsch and tack. Welcome to a pictorial guide to some of my less tasteful wardrobial items. Don't worry, I don't dress like this all the time. Just most of it.

So impractical, but that's what
listening to Ziggy Stardust on the way from work makes you do...

Marple slutty suspect/victim? Jeeves and Wooster unsuitable wife?
If I wear this will His Lordship 'get his hand caught in a machine?'
(sorry, English teacher joke)

Even little grippy monkey toy hides his face in shame.
Oh, the 80s humanity. Even I only wear this one indoors.
But sometimes, my little rock-chick self gets jealous. Don't worry little rrock Perdi, ever head of a little movement called hair metal...?

Cause your taste is venomous poison waa waa waa you're poison running through my wardrobe!
Wear these ladies and tell people you used to work in 'performing arts'.
I coached community theatre, mkay? Sheesh what were you thinking...

...and why yes we did do a panto, thanks for asking.
Hang on..why d'you ask..?
And never forget your accessories. They can transform the plainest, most tasteful item (black dress, white t-shirt and neat jeans...) into something utterly unsuitable. I make sure I always take a little Perdita-style to work with me. Not enough to alarm anyone, just to make sure they know who they're dealing with...OK, OK, a bit of a space oddity... but still, at least they know...

Hell-o sailor

Mwa Mwa, air kisses and all that. And if you can't be a rich bitch, be a kitsch bitch!


  1. I must admit to loving a bit of tack! Those frocks are fabulous, why relegate that gold one to indoors wear only? It need to be seen! xxx

  2. Hehehe, adore the orange 80s thing. It deserves to be seen in public! x

  3. Hi Perdita,
    I'm chuffed to bits to come across another tackmonster...following you now ;)
    I think that orange dress looks very interesting indeed, I'd love to see pics of you rocking these outfits...that came out sounding slighty perverse, tehe!
    Take care luv,

  4. Tack rules - it's fun and frippery-ish, right up my street!

  5. I love the leopard dress, the cork heels, your nails and that necklace! Please do an outfit post wearing them xx

  6. I love this post - in all its migraine-inducing tack!

  7. Hahayy, i have that leopard dress..lol love all your tack amor.

  8. I feel I am really getting to know you now. Excellent!

  9. Just had to pop over and tell you that I'm reading Half A Life by V S Naipaul and there's a Perdita in there. I've never coma across a Perdita before so to find two of you was sadly exciting...I'll get me coat. xxx


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