Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Top blog, top bloke

I'm one of those terrible London-ites who decamps to Brighton at the drop of a hat and clogs the place up. In my defence, I am like a Brighton 'auntie' having a sibling who lives and works there. Anyway, my final link of a day of links (and I always thought I wouldn't DO that when I blogged) is to The Seafront Diaries, a little bit of sunny Brighton in my inbox daily. I only discovered it recently but Jason's kind response to one of my comments reminded me of just how many nice people are out there in Blogland. Enjoy folks!


  1. Loving your links to those three fab blogs, I do enjoy finding new ones. xxx
    PS Yes, Blogland is bursting with wonderful, warm and witty folk, I'm addicted.

  2. Nothing wrong with promoting bloggers via links, I think it is lovely and a good way for us to find each other. Personally I love Brighton and London and shall be spending much of May between both!

  3. I like finding out about what other people read, off to have a look now :)


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