Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blog award thanks (2) & furiously fabulous facts...

Another luvverly award! This is from the delightful Missy Vintage. In order to slap up the bling here...

...I must tell you 7 things about myself. Luckily I am a world reknowned expert on myself and all things me-related, so I assure you this will be as educational as watching Mastermind (the real one, not the celeb one where they ask 'what day comes after Monday?').

1) I have a twin. She doesn't look like me, so she's like a secret twin. Mwahahaha. Opinion is divided over which is the ubiquitous 'evil' twin. I say it's her; everyone else says it's me.

2) During my marriage lessons, they asked us to think of an inspirational couple who were like us enough to empathise with, but would be aspirational and thought-provoking role models. This image immediately came into my mind. Obviously I'm Vince (except when I have the overriding urge to shout 'I'm a cockney flower, see me shower!' in the street).

Don't know who they are? Search 'Mighty Boosh' on youtube.

3) I love seafood, especially mussels and cockles. I like to go to Old Leigh On Sea and scoff freshly steamed cockles, jellied eels, prawns and so forth with my two seafood-and-beer addict companions, whom I met whilst at 'The UEA'. Together, we are known as the 'Three Muskerbeers'. All for one and one for all!

4) I like to read vintage cookbooks and marvel at the overly bright pictures from the days when you made a dish look tastier and more wholesome by adding a couple of those little supercook bottles of artifical food colour to it. Sometimes I try the recipes...luckily they rarely look like that and usually taste quite nice!

5) I once did a Master's in art and performance at The Central School Of Speech And Drama, luvvies, darlings, I'm frightfully sensitive really. My final performance was a scary Gothic installation, naturally.

6) I'm a firm Norf West Lahndanah. As any fule who has studied Shakespeare kno, Saahf London is a den of sin. I only cross the Thames to drink, nab freebe tasters from Borough Market and visit the theatre/some degenerate modern art gallery. Case closed.

7) I like to 'go and do' at the weekend, as Lord Florizel calls it. Basically, if I see somewthing on t'interweb, I must go and see/try/do it that very weekend. Today, I went and bought these (see below) at the London Vintage Fair.
Moi? A geek? Why yes!

I'm basically painfully hyperactive and can't sleep if I haven't had my 'doing' fix. Mind you, blogging would be considerably harder if I wasn't out shopping, museum-ing and drinking round London town.

Time to pass the baton... here are the fabulously stylish bloggers I'd like to find out more about:









  1. @ 3)I love seafood too, but have never tried jellied eels and I never intend to unless I am being dangled off tower bridge by the which case I may eat them if only to save my life!

    @ 6) oooo when I visit London I'm based sarf of the river....I hope this isn't a deal breaker and that you will still read my blog ;O)

    @ 7) nice blazer. I love a bit of tweed. I might give mine a trip out this week. I am after a tweed flat cap now. Maybe I will take my tweed over to the u.e.a and pretend I am in the countryside!

  2. Fab! I'm with you vintage cookery books...I like Seventies cakes especially if they're plastered in icing!xxx

  3. Miss Vintage- of course I will still visit your blog. You will recognise be by my Venetian half-mask, and I will tip the boatman tuppence to keep the cut-purses at bay! Or perhaps I will fend them off with jellied eels (my husband HATES jellied eels but wanted to try the eel bit, so once I had to lick a piece clean for him and give it to him to try. GROSS! And yet hilarious).

    Ivy Black... oh yes, the elaborate whipped cream and flaked almonds over a neon-icing base is a must. I have one with a chapter called 'a pink party'. Literally EVERYTHING is pink, even bread!

  4. Thank you so much, will blog and pass on tomorrow :O)

  5. Thanks, doll! I love a lurid 1960's cookbook with hideous technicolour pictures of fish in aspic and cakes with fondant icing, not to eat mind, just to marvel at how not all vintage things are better.
    Great scores, love the granny bag. xxx

  6. Thank you so very much :) I laughed at number 2, ha!

  7. Hi my dear-thanks so much for the other blog award and I enjoyed reading these facts about you too! After visiting Southend countless times in my life, I discovered the old Leigh on Sea in November too, its fab for seafood and hot chips and we took some fresh fish home for tea!! I love Borough Market too! Have a great week ahead too-good twin!! xx

  8. Jellied eels?! I'd be game,although I'm not fond of oogly things! I love fish,prawms,crab and lobster,but can't handle shellfish! oogly!
    I'm loving the little gems that people are coming out with....I'm basically nosey!

  9. I loved your answers. I grew up in NW London but couldn't afford to buy there which is why I came east. I moved here long before it became trendy.

    I love Borough Market but like you need my passport to go south. Have a great weekend xx

    PS. Thank you for your kind comments about my house - almost everything is from junk shops or Ebay xx


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