Sunday, 19 December 2010

Norwich in the snow!

Brrr. Just back from digging out my car, if it snows again tonight there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth, not to mention swearing.

In a rare case of sensibility, we went by train to Norwich this weekend. This was the view out of the train window... wintery!

Unfortunately the snow rather put the kibosh on my outfit plans for the weekend. I had wanted to float around in hippy-heaven, wearing my new floaty-light maxi. Right up until 3pm Friday, when this happened:

It doesn't look like much, but that came down in 15 minutes flat. And it kep coming. Immediately apparent; floaty maxis would end up as soggy slimy trip hazards. Drat, because it is a very floaty dress indeed:

So, what'a a girl to do? Err, well, the usual- take everything in my wardrobe and lob it onto the bed, higgledy piggledy like, and then picking pedal-pushers (to be worn with boots) and a vaguely sensible rockabully style top. And a big skull-and-crossbone necklace.

So, no floatiness for me. So I comphensated. BEHOLD: my Poppy Valentine Christmas present to myself. It was in the sale and everything- worth getting cold for!


Re. Sult.


  1. Love the photos. I hope it doesn't snow tonight and ruin your plans. Fingers crossed.

  2. Love the PV dress. This is definitely not the weather for floatiness!

  3. Definitely no weather for floating! Sturdy boots and no skirt longer (or shorter- in case of slipping over) than calf length.

  4. Arrrghhh! Is that the red PV brocade dress!?

    I adore that dress, I saw the fabric before it was made up and it was so beautiful!

  5. It has a leafy-brocade design. I tried one with full rosettes/swags on, but it had to be that one in the end.

  6. This red dress is gorgeous!!!


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