Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Midweek Crimbo Madness!

It's Wednesday! It's ff-ing fffrreezing! It's the 1st of December! This means all means one thing to me: CRIMBO MADNESS. I do try not to (no, actually I don't) but every year I revel in the run-up to Christmas, embracing it in a slightly-over-familiar-no-respect-for-personal-space manner. Advent is just the start of another adventure...

This weekend's gonna be a cheap days out fest- check out these two humdingers:

Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park)

Ohh yeaah. It's back. I love this place- free to get in, utterly devoid of taste and restraint. It's a veritable wonderland; ice rink, many varied beer halls, a craft market, funfair, German sausage stands, singing moose heads and strange dead dinosaur that you walk in through the head and out through the bum...

I try to go every year. His Lordship Florizel only really likes the beer halls, but it does mean I can drag him along, park him up with the bags and go on rides. The only risk in calling this a cheap day out is the range of methods they offer you to fritter cash away endlessly. But they did have a guy last year who did a Dizzee Rascal tribute act with a strong Bavarian accent, the surreality of which makes it worth every penny, in my opinion.

Eastcote Christmas Fair

It's kinda like a mini-me of the Hyde Park event- smaller rides, smaller food stalls - no giant dead dinosaur to walk through. However, it does have (dun dun dunnn) EASTENDERS. Yes, the local high street fair has bagged some 'enders and I'm going down there to gawp. Gawpin's free!

Now, let's get into some Crimbo Madness with a little singalong...


  1. I miss all this running off to the sun. Our Birmingham German Market is apparently the biggest outside of Germany but the cold weather put a stop to me going this year. xxx

  2. Hahahha,how lovely to meet you!! It must be kismet,dearie!!


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